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  1. Australia has widespread solar and windfarms. We also export gas to countries who don't get to buy it off Russia any more, but it doesn't count against them because it's about generated, not sourced. Same deal with China and coal. This map is very misleading.

  2. I've heard this argument a lot, but it doesn't make much sense to me anymore. It seems like it's just based on some unwritten propaganda. Russia just invaded Ukraine, US has a loooong history of atrocities, Europe was a mess for thousands of years. East asia has had their fair share of horrendous history.

  3. You are missing the point. Islamic countries almost universally fail to maintain a separation of church and state. If you upset the religious establishment, you're dead, ie it can be a capital crime.

  4. It reminds me of the time my mate took a raspberry muffin on a boat form Victoria to Tasmania ( I'm in Australia) so you can catch a boat there. She started crying when customs caught her with this muffin. You cannot take fruits that haven't been checked over to different states because of insects. Funniest thing ever

  5. South Australia won't let you bring in any fruit either, to protect their vast orchards and vineyards. If you live in SA and fruit fly is found in your garden, it's Armageddon. Quarantine areas are set up and fruit and vegetables are removed from the site. The soil is treated and they leave traps in place. It's on the news and you are everybody's least favourite citizen. It's a pity the measures don't apply Australia-wide. We lose so much fruit to these infestations and prevention must be better than mopping up.

  6. Interesting choice. I think there is a class of words that being borrowed from another language fall into the exception of "we'll let this pass".

  7. No lines are drawn, as mercifully, English has no official line drawers. Unlike French, in which there are numerous frustrated lines. All languages borrow words from others, with varying degrees of resistance, as long as there is communication with other language communities. The imports can become naturalised over time, undergoing changes to pronunciation and spelling, to the extent that they seem to be native.

  8. Just watch out that he doesn't progress to tearing up bits of that rug with his teeth. That's a fast ride to furballs in the tummy.

  9. The thing I noticed is the bum muscles are totally static - no creature would walk and yet the muscles involved in walking not visibly moving. This looks more like a padded upper suit with a fake arse and the legs coming through it. Real arses move when walking.

  10. Maybe he wears a nappy underneath the suit because he doesn't want to shit in the woods? Definitely some kind of arse padding. Has anyone ever found any bigfoot scat?

  11. New Zealand is unlucky, they're suddenly like 1000 miles further south. They're gonna be glad they can quickly get to the US without a visa because it's about to be cold as hell in Newer Zealand.

  12. Tell MIL it could be a lot worse. Kitty could have been at the vets for medical intervention in the nether regions and been given a brazilian like my boy. Didn't stop him from doing the old tomcat-spreading when he got home.

  13. I'm cat lover, but I don't like it. I don't get the attraction to these muddy unsaturated inks.

  14. I suppose that for some of us heavily saturated inks have been around for so long that we like a change every now and again and something light and unsaturated fits the bill. Especially in Spring. :)

  15. Spring? Ah, I'm slipping into Autumn at last. I think I'll always choose the bold, bright colours. Even if I bought one of these phlegmy-looking inks as a novelty, when it came to filling the pen I would still reach for something strong that suits my writing, which is a bit on the large, flourished side. I used to be terribly short-sighted, which may have affected my tastes. My reaction isn't meant to be a reflection on anyone else's choices of course.

  16. My recommendation, if you are serious, is to go back to taws and practise your letter forms in a consistent way. I mean do rows of each letter, joined, until you can get them all on the same scale and sloping in the same direction. Your writing doesn't have to have a slope or slant, but whatever you choose, be consistent. Unless you are left handed, you would normally choose to slope your letters to the right, or else have them straight upright.

  17. BSB is a great ink but you need to sacrifice a pen to it. Perhaps do that when you have a couple of pens. I like Iroshizuko Kon Peki, but check on YT for comparisons.

  18. Unfortunately i would probably receive these decanters in a month or so since it ships from overseas. Aside from the picture i’ve posted here is the link so you could get a glimpse of the other designs:

  19. I understand your dislike because they did kind of fumble him after Ragnar death but I think your looking at it too personal. Bjorn was Ragnar first son , the heir apparent for so long and literally watched his rise from a farmer to king . He wanted to be Ragnar studied him , he got the time and love from Ragnar that the other sons barely got . It was only right for him to be the main character moving forward. Personally bjorn was my favorite until I seen how ruthless and calculated Ivar was especially while him being a cripple it drew me to him and he won me over , but don’t shit on Bjorn Ironside even in death he won !

  20. I was disappointed that he didn't really understand Ragnar's ambition to lead his people to a more sustainable, less parasitic way of life. He still clung to the old beliefs and wanted to be a Viking hero like in the Sagas, for which he was very well suited. He was an old-style Viking, not a leader for the future. Ubbe was his father's only real surbiving heir.

  21. And then does it grow back again in a new Ice Age? Like, what triggers this?

  22. We are in an ice age right now. Currently we're in the Holocene Interglacial which means that glaciers are relatively retracted back to the poles. I think the main theory is a cyclical change in Earth's orbit allows for expansion/retraction of the ice sheets. It's an ice age if there are any permanent polar ice sheets on Earth at all.

  23. Cheers. I didn't know that Earth's orbit varied. I guess we are talking about longterm changes, not year-to-year. I wonder what the periodicity is? Maybe we are always in some stage of an ice age.

  24. Mongolia only has 3.34 million people and this is a 'per person' measure. In other words, if they halted omissions completely, it would make buggerall difference to climate change. OTOH, if their giant neighbour stopped putting up new coal-fired power stations and closed down half the ones they already have, that could really make a difference, even though they aren't coloured bright red like Mongolia.

  25. What are countries like the US, Canada and Australia doing? Australia is almost empty but why are they so high in per capita emissions?

  26. Australia has lately been exporting gas to Europe to support countries trying to reduce their dependence on Russian gas. Unfortunately for Australians, this is leading to shortages in the domestic supply which is being used to drive up household gas prices to unprecedented levels.

  27. Well, styes din't occur in the Eye below decks, where you can't see them anyway.

  28. Maybe some riff on the word "hagiography"? A hagiography is an (usually) idealised story of the life of a saint.

  29. Most cats find their inner Ethel Merman sooner or later; yours is just a quick developer.

  30. LOL. I have two cats and the older female (11) was a stray and spent her first 9 months in a rather bad state till she decided one December day her life as an outside kitty was not fun and decided to come to my porch and demand in. She never left.

  31. "She's super food motivated". Wish we could get away with saying that about humans.

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