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Today I found out that my wife and I are going to have a baby girl! :)

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  1. Do you have to do the 3mi hike from the lot, or is there a shorter way to just get to the beach?!

  2. I actually like the puddle fish a lot more, if that’s an option. Or even an evo instead of the potato. The evo is super fun on clean small days and the puddle fish gets down the line so damn fast. The PJ just wasn’t my favorite and the timbertek is just very very STIFF!!!!

  3. The evo has been calling me.. read and heard good things. Tell me more about your experience with it. What size you ride it on small days?

  4. I’ll take the evo out in 1-2 up to head high and little bit over head waves as long as it’s not too critical of a wave. I live on Oahu and it’ll handle head high to little over chuns no problem. Only thing, if it’s windy the nose of the board will catch, and I wish I had PU construction instead of epoxy, cause the thing can be a little squirrelly on powerful waves. Today was pretty small on the south shore, had a guy ripping at kewalos on one, wish I had had mine. Definitely get LFT over helium construction though and ride it as a quad. I just feel like it’s more versatile than the PJ and paddles so frickn easy! I’m 6’ 185 and ride it at 5’9”. Probably could go smaller but I value have ing fun over getting more turns, and honestly the thing still turns on a dime. But for mushy waves it can’t be beat. Have fun with whatever you get!

  5. I’m 6’1” and 190… I’ve contemplated the 6’0 because my height is all in my legs. Got long damn legs, and stancewise figured I’d need to be at that 6 mark to make it worthwhile… everything I’ve read says to size it as small as possible though

  6. What a shitty human this lady is. Toxic Karen

  7. I had this when I first got the watch (AW6). Restarted twice and restarted Bluetooth on the phone, it started working properly

  8. Did this and it worked... for half a day. Now back to no text message notifications 🤦‍♂️ so frustrating

  9. and your phone is locked and not being used at the time?

  10. Correct. On a charger but not using it

  11. Disc golf got way more popular since the start of quarantine, and some of the most notable pros switched to Discraft in the past few years. They’re pretty much just unable to match demand right now.

  12. Good for them! I guess that’s good news. But frustrating I can’t get what I want haha

  13. So now they sold out of every disc? Haha wow! Good for them. Smart move

  14. Girls are the best! Enjoy being a girl dad. I can speak from experience, best thing that’s ever happened to me!

  15. 2nd Run FD is an easy hundo. I have one new one but its yellow

  16. Damn, maybe I should sell all mine and find something comparable haha

  17. Not sure honestly. I have 4 of them I got about 5 years back. Absolutely my fav discs. Trying to create backstock. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were pricey and hard to find

  18. Super bummed I never got to go to the NY spot on fifth

  19. I work down the street from the townhouse and it was really pretty. Huge cigar selection and beautiful top of the line humidors and accessories on display. I think their last day was this past Friday

  20. I forgot about these... great discs

  21. I've never actually thrown a 2nd run FD, but wouldn't a Teebird be pretty similar?

  22. Yeah but the 2nd runs feel way better in the hand. Similar flight but way more comfortable IMO

  23. The Discmania TD is nearly identical as well. Awesome disc and very underrated

  24. What time does coverage of the finals start?

  25. As I understand it 12 PM PST. They mentioned it would be one hour earlier than previous days on the stream yesterday.

  26. Thanks! Just saw the same thing in another thread. Website said 7am and I couldn't find anything else until here. Should be good.

  27. If you don't like that FD, let me know... i'll take it off your hands ;]

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