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  1. There's lots of different types of prawn/shrimp but in the end the only thing I look at is the price per oz. I'm sure the difference is negligible in taste and cal

  2. Zach is off limits they are an icon leave them alone 😭, they should go to Jordy I feel like he would get the best content from it.

  3. The only good tasting product I've found from them is the thousand island dressing unfortunately

  4. Me trying to convince myself not to purge after eating a healthy nutritional meal I worked hard to make in a way that I wouldn't want to purge it. And end up failing regardless of how much I know I need to eat something so I don't feel so shit all the time...

  5. 9 years for me. So almost there yay.... I haven't had any adverse side effects other than mental illness (obviously lol). Luckily every time I go to the dentist they say my teeth are above average, I haven't gained or lost significant weight (except during my restrict phases), no hand injuries. Sometimes it seems like my body is enabling my behavior...

  6. Hey doesn’t shein use like toxic chemicals in their products

  7. Showing silly things on shein doesn't mean I said to buy it. They have stupid stuff that's fun to giggle at.

  8. “one-size prawn” is my dream flair. 🍤

  9. Prawns don't care about trivial things like having a physical form, ah the dream to be a innocent one sized prawn

  10. It’s the fact that she’s always fans of the worst people like Trisha, Shane, pink sparkles, CASEY ANTHONY.

  11. Imagine watching One extremely badly made one-sided documentary that's manipulative to the nines and taking it as gospel.

  12. Oh my goddd. That’s so bad lmao. (But probs would’ve secretly gone on there too at the beginning). Glad it’s not there anymore and use Reddit instead :) at least abit healthier community im sure

  13. It's really not that bad. There's good supportive sections and then bad encouraging sections. Just depends on what communities you Vibe with but there's a lot of different sectors on the website, and the modern day it's become more of an actual support website rather than suggestions.

  14. Why do people always get so disgusting and immoral during sex? I'm gonna die a virgin. I'm way to petty for this shit.

  15. Same girl 😭😭😭 the one time I even got close to partaking he squished my stomach and I dipped. Nope no not a chance

  16. Just bring a reusable bag. It's easy to forget something's still in there when checking out

  17. I swear by large temporary tattoos, also those inkbox ones will work. Though you can get lots of the regular ones in full arm sleeves on Amazon.

  18. I would vomit into my hands then gently pour it into the toilet. Though you have to wash them really well after

  19. Coke zero makes me feel like a bad ass, diet coke makes me feel like a old person.

  20. I work construction and there's nothing funnier than seeing a parking lot full of oversized non-work trucks used for the main purpose of commuting 70+ miles a day. It's a great way to get a read on someone's intelligence/ego before ever working with them.

  21. Can y'all just keep this sub light hearted? If you want to express your hot takes then go over to

  22. I love them! I like to keep the jars for organizing my craft stuff

  23. I never take enough to be noticeable, my sibling is fine without a ounce or two.

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