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  1. I don’t get why some people are opposed to pirating decade old games

  2. I'm not opposed to it I just don't have the tools. If I did I would have long since modded both of my 3ds.

  3. all you need is a way to plug an sd card into a pc, you don’t have a library or some Internet cafe near you?

  4. I noticed something similar in a different sub. Let's take art related subs as an example. "My cousin drew this" and it could be a crude drawing. It'll get 1k karma. Me on the other hand, if I share a drawing I myself made(with effort put into the drawing) it would mostly go ignored, getting hardly any karma. I don't care about karma cus it doesn't pay my bills but I noticed a similar trend as well.

  5. The loadout on the right is fine but it is definitely inferior to WaluWiggler. Antigravity speed is so, so much more important than underwater speed that it makes underwater speed a bit of a joke.

  6. You make good points. I think Dry Bowser deserves some love despite being a big boi.

  7. He’s a great looking character, and his stats are nice, but man… he blocks the rear-view like crazy!

  8. Me checking the rear view while playing him Whatever - just keep going 😂

  9. Nice. I've built a collection of those gaming magazines Walmart prints out. I don't have them all but I like the posters skme of them come with.

  10. Isn’t it an amazing feeling? Now you can give more money to Mimayoto!

  11. Original and not one of those rate my "meta combo but it's not Waluigi as the driver" posts.

  12. Mine is an animal crossing edition with white and teal Pikachu themed stickers covering the joycons and the dock. The best I could do with it style wise.

  13. Not my personal favorite, but I agree that it gets hated on way too much. It is a nice take on a desert themed course and has a fun, somewhat challenging layout.

  14. The Bone Dry Dunes song is a banger and I love how the Toads throw coins out for you to grab. Kalamari Desert on the other hand isn't bad but it's not exciting for me either. I forgot it was even in Mario Kart 7.

  15. She should have went with her move. I would have gave her this cock if I enjoyed her company.

  16. I play Link, Metal/Gold Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach. I call her Rose Gold Peach. Sticking to one combo and character gets stale after a while. I use pipe frame and standard karts for those 3 characters.

  17. I mean, if Superman wants to pull an Omniman, I guess he could kill them all.

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