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  1. I'm starting work on transcribing the episodes, so I can let you know as I get those finished!

  2. Wondering what the feeling of multiple limbs along with spider/monkey jungle instinct feeling would be handled?

  3. I don't see why it wouldn't. There are multiple let's plays of the game online already.

  4. Thanks. I didn't know i could contact the creators so I'll make sure to do that.

  5. Not exactly unless something in the games confirm it. He is heavily trans coded though

  6. No matter his political compass it's a great message and I'm glad he put it out there for people to see.

  7. Unconscious. The failsafe mentioned in the final episode in OV would've kicked in

  8. I don't think the ultimatrix has the failsafe, considering the fact that ben died when he tried to absorb charmcaster's machine with chromastone.

  9. Yes actually but it's a Storm Barbarian so there's some magical-esque abilities there

  10. The story is following a trans person who is a wizard in training in a D&D-esque world who is constantly using magic to be able to stay in the body they feel most comfortable in. They meet a Cleric (the characters class is fairly interchangeable i just thought of Cleric because there could be a wholesome healing scene) that is fully accepting of them after a magical mishap causes the wizards spells to drop in front of them. The two of them then go off to try and find something that can permanently change the wizard into a body they feel like themself in, becoming closer all the way.

  11. Well technically within cannon the transformations happen instantaneously and the cinematic transformation sequences are only for the audience. If that wasn't the case tho, I would personally say Diamondhead just because of the amount of material that would need to go to the extreme conditions to become diamond or whatever the crystal material is that Petrosapiens are made of.

  12. Idk Pesky Dust seems pretty cool just for the fact that I could live as a fairy for the rest of my life which is amazing

  13. To take a point from Kuro the Artist, Ben 10 vs the Negative 10 pt 2 in replacement of what Upchuck did in that episode.

  14. This kinda media is made by hundreds of people. I bet there are gays and fascists making Dr Who. And Dr Who has had a long history of being at odds with the BBC, so you cant say they're all working together towards something big.

  15. Thank you! Those are a lot of good points that I knew but hadn't initially considered.

  16. Funny how Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are universally appreciated as being amazing (and so they should be), but aren't talked about that much these days in comparison to other Pokemon remakes, and other Pokemon games in general.

  17. Oh yeah absolutely! Personally I headcannon her as a transfem enby that uses feminine pronouns.

  18. Mainly if it is accurate to the original art style. I want to make sure that I'm mimicking it correctly.

  19. If you're looking for a mimic and not a complete blend of the art style then you're absolutely doing it right. It looks similar to the original while also having something different about it that seems really original.

  20. Right?! I've gushed about Scarlet and Violet so much in lgbtq+ subs. It's gonna let us be so expressive! Also you cannot tell me that Penny and Grusha are not at least trans-coded!!

  21. All of these are amazing!! Especially Chromastone and Water Hazard

  22. Other animated series exist in the multiverse. Say like the Owl House existing and the Boiling isles are just a secluded area of Legerdomain.

  23. I love the idea of the boiling isles being in Legerdomain i am adapting this headcanon now 🙏

  24. Thanks! I still need to come up with more interesting ones as that's the only cool one I've thought of.

  25. Does that mean that he's the prime example of the human species? (Unless this is the ultimatrix of course)

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