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  1. IMA SAY THIS IN CASE YOUR WORRIED, don’t whoosh me. This is not real. Sorry, i am a 🤓

  2. OK, everyone, stfu. SPRUCE IS THE BEST, ACACIA IS THE WORST. We can all agree.

  3. I’d do him and kill myself so he retains his dignity if he wanted bro

  4. man i lost all of my blue nerd darts 😰😩😰😩😰😩😰😩😰😩😰😩

  5. I have a guilty confession, it’s a cheap off brand ($30 for 500)

  6. Yea, my un modified stryfe struggles, but my MA40 AR has no trouble (I like halo)

  7. How tf does he eat a mouse, this may be some non-snaker ignorance, but do u like chop it up?

  8. No . He has the capability of opening his moth very wide because his jar bones are connected like ours

  9. I thought of that, but was doubtful, I am very ignorant of this

  10. Ima say this, OSs are really just aesthetic button clicking sims, but make a top down shooter, love them but don’t see them often

  11. Ik but the rest of them can go f themselves

  12. Lemme whisper in your ear, tell ya something ya might like to hear

  13. I dunno if I recommend that, they’ll probably be into it sadly cuz they’re weird

  14. I got the not 800$ ATAT set for xmas, is this the expensive one? I’m not a Lego nerd.

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