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Found this hidden in my teen’s drawer and she claims she’s keeping it for her friend. I want to believe her but there are so many empty containers at the top left. 😢 What do you think? And what is the best way to approach it if you were a teen caught by your parent?

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  1. a big comic-con, like this year Chris Evans is there, so if that gives a scope then yeah

  2. I am a good liar. I can lie you straight in the face without a second thought. At the same time I‘m a really honest person and feel bad when someone (I respect) doesn’t know everything or doesn’t know the truth

  3. i’m the exact same way, i hate it because i can’t help myself from lying, and i just feel bad

  4. My penis has been through some exceptionally rough times recently.

  5. Draw a mario goomba stack wearing a fedora and trench coat asking for 1 ticket to the mario movie.

  6. this happened to me but with rob Schneider, thought he was a decent actor then saw his twitter page 💀

  7. fortnite is/will be one of the most game changing games in the history of video games

  8. i think most performance buffs will come from optimization from being on switch alone, while BOTW had to be on both Wii U and Switch and provide the same experience. now that restriction is gone, and can now have more leeway in what is possible

  9. i think what could make it interesting is have some sort of fibbage round, where the joke is told, then everyone comes up with what they thought was their prompt, then, just like fibbage, try to guess which one was the real prompt

  10. Nice! My favorite is the Rosalina one

  11. yeah that’s cool and all, but what’s the 3DS game?

  12. YDKJ is brought down by its scoring system. having players go into the negatives is just gut wrenching and unnecessary



  15. thank you for using only your icons, the inconsistencies that will show up in mk8dx with the rendering is gonna suck 😭

  16. wont be at PAX east, but will jackbox be at C2E2? it is in chicago after all

  17. i think the hammer from the Donkey Kong arcade game would be fun, hits players in front of you and flattens them for a tiny bit. could be an item that could be obtained around 5th - 10th

  18. this isn’t switch, but Rust on Xbox and PlayStation is practically years behind in updates compared to Rust on PC

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