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Le Mont-Saint-Michel

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  1. Would we be able to see it with the naked eye if it was on the good side?

  2. Economy is recovering , its not recovered yet , Ontario is still under lockdown , lots of businesses are closed , Downtown Toronto is a ghost city . what do u think was going to happen , crash the economy with rate hikes , so inflation and house prices go down ?

  3. FYI there should not be a space before a period or coma

  4. “Everybody looks like a genius in a bull market”

  5. Now if only we can get the gyms to shutdown until then too.

  6. You need an excuse for not going to the gym that you paid for the full year for 😛

  7. You can also not pay him 😂 you can also hire a professional to fix the issue and take the price of that off your rent, your in alot more control than you think! Shitty landlords give good ones a bad wrap,l fuck that guy, my landlords are awesome they are very nice and didn't raise our rent due to alot of financial hardship for me and my wife, and they fix everything fast, they even offered to store my winter tires for free!

  8. You have to pay it to the tribunal and they hold it pending resolution of the issue. If a few months of rent sit with the tribunal that will likely get him moving to fix the issue.

  9. Oh ok so you have to keep paying but the landlord doesn’t get the money, good to know

  10. Did this make you smile? That a doctor got insulted and racially abused?

  11. Because the person the article covers is one

  12. I count what you contribute as either:

  13. Do they actually pay 40% of their income on taxes tho? Serious question

  14. Out of everything in that bio, it’s the “anti-work” for me. So, why invest in grad school if you don’t plan on working?

  15. Anti work doesn’t mean you don’t want to work or shouldn’t get an education. Check out their sub, it can be pretty aggressive at times but the spirit has some merit

  16. Ya but that’s not even doing so good these days, there’s literally no good conservative talking points at the moment.

  17. S&P 500 is down 7.33% in the last month. Lot of big stocks shitting the bed out there right now.

  18. Yeah I agree. It's down a little bit, but still super high. I think we're back to October prices right now.

  19. I don’t expect 18 year olds to be able to buy a house, but when 40 something professionals who have been working for 15 years can’t afford a place because investors have driven the prices up so much, then we have a problem

  20. Lightroom, maybe, but otherwise this is a real place that actually looks like this. It's a medieval-era castle and Christian center. It's located on a tidal plain, which is why it looks odd. At times it's surrounded by water during high tide.

  21. Thank you for your response. Im familiar with the place, I have been there and have a picture of it on my wall, I meant that the wavy trenches here don’t exist there like that, that was added

  22. They do exist. You can find them on Google maps and in countless other photos of this area. This is not photoshopped.

  23. I think it's more wealth inequality is slowed under the liberals. If the conservatives were in power it would be much worse. There would never have been a CERB.

  24. Are you suggesting things are getting more equal, but not fast enough?

  25. No, they're getting worse but more slowly than they would otherwise.

  26. My gf also gets upset when I give waitresses the tip. I dont get it, it's not like I'm giving them the whole thing.

  27. Right side, second last row, looks like a butt 😂

  28. If you're referring to the hyenas, they're not dogs.

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