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  1. I made $7k in sales on the first weekend of the marketplace. Not bad.

  2. I was in back in October had 600 shares. Had to sell because my mother died need money to put her in the ground. Buying 1000 tomorrow hope stays around 4.50 I'll get 220ish shares.

  3. De Dust , Dust 2 , Aztec , Inferno , AWP map , good times

  4. The crickets in Aztec as soon as the map loads. Dun times.

  5. Can someone tell me whats wrong with RH? I’ve had immense success buying and selling on the platform and I’ve sold and withdrawn over x,xxx,xxx during my time on platform. I understand they took away the buy button for GME, but I think my investments are protected. Only a question before anyone attacks lol. Any knowledge would be highly appreciated.

  6. There’s potential and it’s discounted. Why wouldn’t we? Long term though.

  7. Yes I am also. Great discount. I think about when people wrote off Game Stop and DVF kept buying.

  8. If you're planning to invest long term for retirement you should invest as much as is reasonable to you. A good goal is to aim to invest 15% of your gross income as it comes in, which most are able to do through their work sponsored 401k-like accounts. This is a good idea because it lowers your tax burden and you don't have to worry about paying any tax until you're retired. If you are able to do 15% of your gross income you have a very high likelihood of being able to support yourself through your retirement. For example I get paid biweekly, so I invest in my work sponsored account biweekly and I invest any extra money I don't spend at the end of the month in my regular account. Even if it's only 100$ a week on across 30+ years that 100$ will easily turn into over 100,000$ in broad market index funds!

  9. So that’s 15% before or after taxes from your paycheck? Sorry I’m a noob also.

  10. No worries, everyone was new once. That goal is 15% of what you make before taxes. It does sound like a lot but that’s a number that would make it so that you can retire safely and live off your investment savings enjoying the same quality of life you had while working (drawing down your 401k + social security and such). This is why having work offer a match is so nice, if you get a 5% match you only need to save 10% to meet the goal, for example. By all means save more if you want, or less if you can’t, it isn’t like this is a magic number but it’s a useful one to benchmark yourself if you can.

  11. Most Reddit Yankee fans are new since they are younger. They don’t know.

  12. I’m loading up on GALA also. Galaverse in Las Vegas takes place on December 11th

  13. Mask is involved to, yes! I'm aware, I posted about it too.

  14. The Angels at least seem to recognize that Ohtani and Trout can’t be wasted any longer. I can see them landing Kershaw and Scherzer and Castellanos and Story.

  15. Scherzer won’t go there because he doesn’t wanna be in a 6 man rotation.

  16. I have 2 Ohtani project 70s for sale as a lot on eBay if your looking to add more

  17. I have a Super Shohei Ohtani by Ermsy 483, and an Ohtani by King Saladeen 450 being sold together on eBay.

  18. Oh ok. I thought you had the one that was canceled. I’m so pissed about that.

  19. Sonny gray is no verlander and gray didn’t own the Yankees to that point . To compare those two pitchers is plain stupid

  20. Verlander just came off major surgery, is older, and won’t have sticky stuff helping him. You want the Yankees to give him two years 50 mill?

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