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Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts

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  1. He is doing the right thing here. Both ethically and in a business sense. 1) kicking all the controversial people off the platform is bad for business as they generate lots of traffic. 2) its not right to suppress people you disagree with unless they are clearly directly harming people. Free speech is the basis that America was founded on. A platform based on speech should hold to these ideals even if they don't have to.

  2. "Bring me your racists, bigots and nazis" - Elon Musk

  3. I don't give a shit about his army days. Pete was mayor of some hick town...during his administration, crime spiraled up, he couldn't fix cities potholes..... So in infinite wisdom of Biden, decided he'd make him Secretary of Transportation...... to run the entire Transportation infrastructure. Then left for Maternity leave for months while the supply chain collapsed. That token diversity hire fled for months and no one noticed do we really need him.

  4. He was appointed to the military. He did not join, go through basic etc. He then served as a paper pusher in some administrative role far away from any combat. The entire process was to pad his resume for office. FJB tried the same for Hunter, but Hunters couldn’t stay off the crack.

  5. You racists always run away when you are exposed. You don’t need to be ashamed, just stop being a racist.

  6. I don't regret not getting the prophylactic at all thank you.

  7. maybe it was the same anonymous person that was the source for all the trump stories. the ones everyone believed.

  8. You sound mentally I’ll, have you seen a doctor about your delusions?

  9. What are you talking about. You literally sound like a msnbc feed. It's sad. Think for yourself

  10. This has been my point all along.

  11. He posted a link to an anti-Semitic movie. When asked about it, he doubled down on it. He didn’t “apologize” until he saw that it was going to cost him money. So yes, I believe kyrie is anti-Semitic when he tells us he is,

  12. “You are making me vote Republican”, that’s republican propaganda 102. Just admit you are a republican.

  13. Do you have any proof what so ever trump knew it was wrong? Honestly you are grasping at straws here. If you’re going to impeach everyone in politics who every used that type of language. you wouldn’t have anyone in politics left. There is zero proof he knew what he was saying was wrong, or that he incited a riot outside of democrat conspiracy theorist

  14. Yes, they were all completely obvious lies which were immediately debunked, yet to this day he is still telling the same lies. You cannot “both sides” trump’s insurrection.

  15. Also some things 1: it wasn’t trumps insurrection. He never incited an insurrection 2: it wasn’t an insurrection. It was a riot 3: yes you can “both sides” this issue. Democrats spent decades saying the elections they lost were stolen, and spend an entire year bowing down to rioters to burnt American cities over the unfortunate death of a criminal

  16. The real irony here is that you’ve been living in such an echo chamber that you genuinely think republicans want to abolish welfare lol.

  17. Not just welfare, they won’t be happy until they transfer all of the money to the wealthy.

  18. Same to you kid eat that democrat propaganda up till you are screaming in the streets with blue hair bye have a good one

  19. He is a fascist like the Nazis were and he a republican, which have the same ideology as the southerns at that time.

  20. The parties essentially switched in the 1900s and Nazis were fascists, like modern republicans.

  21. Good choice, there is probably nobody else who is as big of a piece of shit AND as under-qualified as she is.

  22. I don't know how many times the Republicans have to make it clear that they're against democracy for their voters to get the message.

  23. Their voters are against democracy as well. They just think that a dictator will only “hurt the right people”.

  24. They're still excluding ~32% of the population of NYC -- the poorest 32%. It's bald-faced discrimination, not surprising from that family.

  25. How did I change my mind.? You don't even know what the law does. You don't even understand my opinion. And you can't even follow this conversation.

  26. I don’t know how, that’s for you to figure out, but it’s obvious you did.

  27. We're not talking about the otherside. YOU are. The truth is, you have nothing say. You know a few talking points, but don't understand them. All you can do is deflect.

  28. Democrats did it to themselves. Maybe if they weren’t being tyrannical. Here’s some ideas. Fix the border situation. Stop trying to take our firearms. Stop mandating what you want onto we the people. Stop wasting our time with pronouns. Stop acting like everything is racist or fascist. Just stop trying to control everyone. Then just maybe democrats will have a chance in 20 years or so.

  29. So you are mad about all of the right wing talking points, not what democrats are actually doing. Propaganda works.

  30. Apparently democrats too.

  31. Look at Dan Snyder. Rampant sexual harassment and using his cheerleaders as prostitutes? Nothing. Lying about ticket sales so you don't have to share revenue with the other billionaires? Now you've done it.

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