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My neighbor took down his trump sign today

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  1. I mean maybe it's a part of that, but there's something bigger. Romney is far too reasonable. He compromises. He speaks up for partisan ethics from time to time.

  2. Most places pay more for people who can speak more than just English

  3. EXCEDRIN for a headache (spell check keeps capitalizing it, not me)

  4. I clearly state NO HITTING. Just voice commands. But if the dog is nipping the owner the dog needs to know who is in charge. Would NEVER advocate for hitting/beating a doggie

  5. You still broke the rules. Read them.

  6. No I didn’t. Buh bye, anal retentive one. Oops broke the rule again.

  7. They are trying to ban abortion becuase birth rates have been declining for a decade. They ruling class will be severly short of workers in another 10-20 years if they dont get those numbers climbing steeply in short order. I mean they could just stop hoarding all the wealth gained from our labor and people would be able to afford families again but....nah they really want that 3rd yatch ya know?

  8. 4% population, 25% of the worlds reported incarcerations. Another one for you.

  9. People on the internet think they are experts in everything

  10. People on the inter webs act like they’re experts on everything.

  11. The white one was actually taking over some stops for the brown one since the rain caused them to get backed up

  12. I appreciate the reference, but Is that really what someone thought of first?

  13. I thought that the guy in the UPS truck had a breakdown and, in the rain, they do this to keep packages dry.

  14. Due to the crosses I would suspect a candle holder? Remove the cork, obviously

  15. Many have milking cows. So they could be rewiring an electric fence. I live in SWVa with Mennonites and Amish farmers.

  16. Poshmark is an app you can use to resell and buy used clothing and other items

  17. Posh is a very British term. Never heard of it. My wife works at a community center and plenty of homeless women and men coming in looking for clothes. Anything you donated is tax deductible. 😇

  18. Kyrie is def a ball hog. Lillard is not a ball hog. Beal is definitely a ball hog as the wizards have had annual lockerroom issues of players wanting more touches and struggling in their roles.

  19. Don’t know why these chuckleheads who I suppose watched the game don’t know he’s a ball hog. Last year Spencer would bring it up pass it to Beal and everyone would stand around watching. EVERY game. Spencer spoke up and he was the “bad guy”….along with Trez.

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