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  1. You can tell it's real because all the nurses clapped. I've seen nurses clap before. Can confirm it's a thing they do.

  2. There is also always multiple just standing around in your family doctor room. Ez confirmation it's real

  3. FFS, My teen daughter could make a better caprese salad with no arms. Where’s the freakin’ basil!?! I love basil. Someone scooped the burrata with desert scoop. Smh.

  4. That's tke natural shape of the burrata where ot was shaped by and hand and pinched.... I can yell you've never worked with the real thing

  5. BRUUUUHHHH. In my house right now I have grape tomatoes, basil, and ciabatta. I can find burrata for $10 max (? I do not know but good cheese at the store is $8-$10 here). Altogether this isn’t the cheapest snack at $30 but if you throw out the ciabatta that’s like $8.

  6. I'm not defending this shitjole bit you just proved the cost worth. Real burrata will run you at least 8 to 10 a ball, that's already more then 33% and doesn't include anything else or labour, which although minimal is still existent.

  7. I can’t help but to wonder what the $1 difference makes for the men’s model versus the women’s.

  8. As a very successful engineer co worker once told me: "C's get degrees". It's experience and trial and error that makes success. You will get out there, start in, and be great!!!

  9. One thing your gonna learn real quick once you get out here. No one cares about what you learned at school let alone your grades.

  10. Very unlikely to get it for that barter, the room itself is the same, but the keycard itself seems to be alot more rare.

  11. If you don't think us in the back deserve tips as we 100% help make the guests experience what it is then you can fuck right off outta here.

  12. I know my ssn, finally after asking her for months now I just need the document for proof but she won't give them to me because she doesn't trust me with my own information. Like, I'm 18 I'm legally a adult I should have the right to my information but she's not giving it to me I thought about calling the police and asking them to get them from her since technically this is a crime, but I don't know how the police would respond to that I wont want my mom to get arrested or anything like that. At the end of the day I'm 18 I have my whole life ahead of me and I have alot of time to do things but I'm a opportunist if I have the chance to do something I want to give it my best shot, with her holding back my information I can't really do that.

  13. Fucks OP gives about reposting a heavily overused meme. Zero

  14. Hmm… holding cradle boards that had already been presented at the Vatican and later returned.

  15. Becuase the only people that group with randoms wanna abuse you or be abused by you.

  16. I did not. I was not anticipating coming back.

  17. It's gone bro. If you come back it's square 1

  18. I feel like the new player experience is better than ever.

  19. Yea and no pets or costumes or anything g else lol. Deffs worth it

  20. How can you ask that without even telling us the gpu?

  21. Lol. Yea amazing deal if true. It's wish bro. It's a meme for a reason.

  22. I have heartburn now. Cheers brother. Pino gris?

  23. from the UK so NVQs and work based examinations was the way, school is a very different environment and doesn't seem to set people up for the reality of a real kitchen as well as it should, (again in the uk at least)

  24. That's the theme world over. Unless you want a corporate position or something. Otherwise you can make it to the very top in this industry through placements and hard work. And learn more while your at (if you push yourself)

  25. Bet this guy thinks his truck actually runs on gasoline too. What a dumbass. What even is combustion.

  26. Yeah, get ready for months long 60C heatwaves once the thermokarst and subsea methane really start going.

  27. Unfortunatly many of us will just be dead by then either from starvation or inability to cool.

  28. Well.have I got a lie to tell you

  29. You should freeze your tuna minimum 48 hours or else make sure it's well cooked if fresh.

  30. He is being rushed to the hospital . Still unknown if he’s alive or not

  31. Ima takena guess based on how little distance between that object and the floor after :/

  32. Just the other day this roofer fell off this roof onto a metal pole and it went straight through his head but he lived. People can survive some of the most unbelievable things so we should wait and see.

  33. We can wait and see. I said I'd take a guess

  34. I might suggest going out to eat it once to have a foundation to build on

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