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Report: Elon Musk exposed himself to SpaceX flight attendant, according to documents

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  1. Right on- the whole area up there is backwards with their hands out all the tim, NY should cut them off.

  2. It down your driving- coop with people- we did it in the 70’s - assholes

  3. Elon Musk was always fuc-up, paying money too girls, buying them off for whatever reason, so it’s no surprise he is a copy of the Rump( with money), just be very careful driving cars that crush

  4. Capitalism at its best and republicans complain about the socialism of America- guess they got it 100% wrong. This is what happens when 3 to 4 corporations can control a source of product and then these companies fail or lessen the availability of a product to raise the profit.

  5. He super rich and has huge numbers of lawyers, so he thinks he can away with it like the Rump or just pay them off.

  6. Of course- they hate Americans, 192 republicans voted against the bill for baby formula- you can’t get any more anti life than that!

  7. I do feel kind of worried about these “ kids” who are lower class, poor- and told to shoot or be shot. But one must face the crimes u committ

  8. Wrong- if you had a brain and could read- ps. It is published everywhere- the budget goes up - stupid is what stupid believes.

  9. Saw him on a different program and he basically said the opposite- cuz the Fed has powerful weapons. I think this knucklehead has too much sun and sand in his head out there in the Hamptons

  10. You look very dumb, better go get some glasses because your vision is pretty f’d.

  11. Really, you see Fabric, wrinkles, how’s living in third worse per capita Russia?

  12. Time to take over the refineries - just to get it done, since the private pockets just want to keep it high and tight.

  13. He's a war crime leader, are you kidding us, not humiliated Putin, really you french dick- guess its " let them eat cake time."

  14. Elon should move To China since he speaks so highly of it, sure he will enjoy his time in prison,….

  15. What hit- it was a chickenwing collision, as both spun around- please stop your crying

  16. Basically a chicken wing hit- meaning nothing direct- lots Of Crybabies who know nothing about the game

  17. Yup, clearly just by looking at these photos- shows hate and violence in their eyes. Why are so many law enforcements getting arrested for violence- cuz they are a half step away from criminals.

  18. Targeting- just bull sh’t, it Was a Legal collision, and as they twisted, a weak chicken wing came up. Just BS from the crybabies

  19. Guess the crybabies didn’t screaming loud or long enough this time, surprisingly different.

  20. Couldn’t pick a better actor for the Emperor, love it, just wondering will he have a dance scene? Lol

  21. Because Americans are uneducated compare To “advance nations”, yes we do have our brightest, but a huge number of morons, religious morons at that.

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