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  1. shades of Robinson against Australia in 2001 for the Lions

  2. People keep on conspiring him to Campese/Robinson/AAC and at every occasion he steps up. Thereโ€™s no player in the world that draws a sharper intake of breath from the crowd when he gets the ball.

  3. Arundell is the ultimate throw the dice player. Agains tired defenders almost every game heโ€™s played heโ€™s scored a worldie to completely reverse momentum.

  4. This is what you pricks get for trying to play bazball while Iโ€™m busy. Luckily Iโ€™m free in about 25 minutes.

  5. Heโ€™s already done filming for DtS next season. Him and Coulthard were on a boat at Henley on Thursday doing sky and DtS filming.

  6. I definitely saw this coming when Broady lost 3,000 straight games in set 2/3... What a weird match.

  7. Any speculation on if Porecki stands a chance of appearing this series? He had consistently awful luck with us injury wise (iirc 3 serious injuries - all of 16/17, 18/19 and half of 17/18), finally got fit and absolutely tore it up to the point Rennie came over and offered him an ARU contract within a couple months. Then there were strong rumours that he was going to get called up vs France before getting the 3,000th freak injury of his career, but not heard much since.

  8. He'll 100% be playing. But with Neville starting I'd imagine they will start Folau Fainga'a at 2 just to keep the Brumbies unit together. That means we'll probably be seeing Porecki at 16 for the whole series.

  9. Cheers thanks, I haven't seen much of him in SR but the has the quality to be the starting hooker for 2023.

  10. If thereโ€™s an issue with the plant managerโ€™s (or any other employeeโ€™s) behavior, bring it up to your accounting contact on-site, preferably the controller. In most plants, weโ€™re on the same level as the plant manager, if not higher. I personally have zero issue shutting that shit down and the same should go for any other controller worth their salt.

  11. Late teen/early 20s folks arenโ€™t generally controllers.

  12. Pirates/championship continue to feed the prem.

  13. I'm very excited to see him for us, and given his age he's still got improvement to come. It'll be interesting to see where he fits in the pecking order, could be below Munga, or above Api.

  14. Since I graduated in June 2020 I'm in probably the most recession proof industry in the world - with about 85-90% of work being statutory, and high barriers to entry meaning that spare labour can't flood in. It might be the first time in my life that an economic downturn won't screw me/my family more than most others.

  15. Interesting. I think any speculation of Gatland getting the England job will prove to be a waste of time. A fomer Wales head coach taking on the England job? Thatโ€™ll go down well!

  16. I wonder how long the kiss & kidney show are planning to stay with us? We've got money, top class facilities and ridiculous youth...

  17. What the fuck are you supposed to do with those serves.

  18. This Murray Isner match has strong 2010-15 energy.

  19. Nobody I prefer to watch in tennis than Murray when he's ticking.

  20. 100%. Everyone expects Novak to keep any positive results quiet but my cynical side thinks people are fooling themselves if they think other players won't follow suit. They're hard core pro athletes and champions, if they can get away with keeping it quiet they will.

  21. Not being funny, but provided they're sensible I don't even think there's any moral need to withdraw following a positive test providing it's not impacting performance - tennis is played outdoors, they have no need to go near medically vulnerable people and can mask up for the short period they need to be in the changing rooms/toilets (which by the sounds of it positive people were in Paris).

  22. Itโ€™s unethical to be 1 ft away from somebody and shake hands while Covid positive. Come on lol

  23. Yep, and wingers are dime a dozen in the Prem. We're certainly covered, and it'd take a club really desperate to hire a player under an unresolved cloud, and even then it'd likely be for less than he'd accept.

  24. Only media source that reported his arrest was South African.

  25. Fairly standard - it was similar with Sigurdson at Everton. Foreign media are sheltered from UK reporting restrictions.

  26. How have I not realised Will is the brother of the one and only JJ. I do miss him in the England set up, can't wait to see what his brother can do

  27. He's only played the equivalent of 3 matches for our first team, but when he plays it's a proper throwback to young JJ. I'm really excited to see how he'll come on over the next year.

  28. Really nice to see a LIrish lad (with at least 3 more years on his contract) seeming to settle in with the England squad. Genge in the same video said he'd take him under his wing as JJ did to Genge in '16, which was a very cute moment. Arundell and Joseph are a lot younger than everyone else in the touring party, but will learn a lot very quickly.

  29. The TV slot - midday was definitely not optimal versus primetime last year.

  30. With Fischetti, Zilocchi, and Api we've managed to put together two brutal tight 5s for next season:

  31. Heavily rumoured, and I think it makes sense for us given we're losing Nott and Mafi. Caulfield and Api will be almost identical on a pound for pound basis.

  32. Meh, it's complicated, for a lot of people only recognise sovereign states as countries, and England (specifically the football team) is synonymous with the UK for a lot of people.

  33. I vastly prefer it, although going back to the round robin format would be even more preferable. Lol at our group in the theoretical draw though.

  34. There isn't much is tennis more entertaining than a stroppy Australian starting his meltdown.

  35. Well at least we're playing the winners of the URC/T14. Feeling really jealous of the tier 3 sides though - Bordeaux/Toulouse and Leinster/Ulster matches are far better away days.

  36. In the ProD2 there's Carl Vangsgaard, who trained in Denmark (rank 72) and got picked up by Nevers.

  37. If you set a min runs of 250, only 8 times has an ODI batsman scored at a higher average and higher SR in a series/tournament, and half of those were AbV

  38. Has a man ever averaged 100 (well, 99) across a series to less fanfare? Root has been immense.

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