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  1. My understanding is KF94s provide 94% filtration (and are certified in Korea under strict regulations) and N95s provide 95% filtration (and are certified by NIOSH under strict regulation). KF94s are a better choice for me because of comfort and you can actually hear me talk. But on an airplane or super crowded places I want the additional protection and wear N95.

  2. Hi! I say go and if for some reason you find yourself SUPER uncomfortable/scared then come home. You might actually have fun. I’m barely social IRL, but when I get out and see people I’m truly happy. Use it as an experiment and see how you do. Good luck.

  3. The key with the Epley is your head needs to be hanging upside down a bit and titled 45’. If you don’t get vertigo in that position (on either right or left) it has probably resolved. You can do it more than once a day, but I prefer to do it before bedtime to sleep off the residual dizziness.

  4. I live in Manhattan and haven't seen this anywhere. This also doesn't look like a bodega. And honestly there are weird little pockets of Trumpy folks in the outer boroughs. I'm honestly not too worried. Adams is a blowhard moron.

  5. Just need more time for your brain to recalibrate. Last Epley worked immediately for me (dizziness when turning head gone!) but I felt headachey and kind of cruddy for about a week after.

  6. I do obsess over BB but not in an anxious way. I was raised to ignored all illness or exhaustion and just plough through. This means I’m bad at reading my body and my own feelings and am constantly shattered. I use BB to help me slow down. That said, I wouldn’t turn down a dinner invite with a friend if I felt good. It would simply empower me to say no if I felt bad.

  7. Are you me? This is just how I use BB. I might obsess over it a bit more and like OP feel disappointed when I wake up to a low BB number. But it has helped me immensely tune into my body and in turn take care of myself better instead of burning myself out.

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I was having a lot of head “swimming” after the Epley maneuver and I just did the exercises in

  9. My OG symptoms are pretty much all common LC:

  10. Hi! Curious to know how you are doing now. Did supplements help your WIP symptoms?

  11. Hey, pretty much at ~95% now. Yea, most of my symptoms are gone. I still have flare ups, but they aren't as bad. Current supp stack: visibiome probiotics, magnesium, tryp, dlpa, C, D, ashgawanda, natto+serra (8000iu/day). Main symptom left is GERD (probably due to low stomach acid).


  13. I have multiple friends who are sick with COVID right now who have never had it before.

  14. You should buy yourself a teddy bear this weekend as a special fuck you to that bullshit.

  15. This is the right answer! And maybe it’s an “I love you!” to yourself. You deserve it, truly.

  16. It’s fairly easy to diagnose and treat yourself. Try YouTube and this sub has a lot of resources also.

  17. Also, try to avoid sleeping on the side that gives you vertigo.

  18. Yep, from 5 all the way up to 100 Can’t paste a screenshot for some reason

  19. I worked in one for years. They mostly exist as a dumping ground for family members nobody wants to deal with anymore.

  20. My dad lived out his last 5 years in assisted living. He had Alzheimer’s and no one human could have taken care of him. He needed round-the-clock care. The residents ate together and there were daily activities. He was safe and well cared for. He was in hospice at a nearby, similar facility and that place was full of life. BINGO, dance, exercise. Even though many of the residents were pretty out of it and immobile. My mom visited him every day and we went several times a year. I hate it called a dumping ground and the judgement of families when this can be the best, most compassionate option.

  21. You might be able to get paxlovid over the phone with the doctor or by telehealth or by a pharmacy like Walgreens or something depending on insurance and location and stuff.

  22. Do a tele doc appt. I had a pretty moderate case in January and within 36 hours Paxlovid had stopped all the more severe symptoms (vomiting, coughing, headaches). It took about 2 weeks to feel better and I didn’t rebound.

  23. I had COVID at the beginning of the year. When I got symptoms I tested negative on an RAT done nasally, but got a faint line when I swabbed my gums and throat. The next day a bright line appeared from the nasal swab.

  24. Are there other portable air filters that’re better?

  25. When I worked in the Tenderloin in SF we had a safety training by a former SFPD, he said that just visibly carrying pepper spray was a deterrent.

  26. You can remove them from the meeting and afterwards go back into your zoom account and report them.

  27. First of all, Sylvie is a woman who hates feminists, feminism, and calls MeToo "rat out your pig". So I don't feel any urge to defend her.

  28. I bought a personal air filter for recent travel and I loved it! I sat in the window seat each time in the front row (Volaris, so cheaper to upgrade) but boarded in 2nd group. I had protective eyewear too. I always throw my hood on over my face so I can sleep so I guess that’s extra protection lol

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