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  1. Just say you don’t care whether or not the results are productive because you just want to see sacks and blitzes even if it means we get consistently beat deep for 50+ yards

  2. Maybe I don’t want to let up 3 touchdowns in 3 drives against Zach Wilson and 35 points against the Detroit lions. A lot to ask I know

  3. You hate a league that’s pushing the sport to grow, paying the players more, and turning a relatively antiquated attitude modern?

  4. Because it’s funded by the saudis, not a big fan of the hacksaw tour

  5. He admitted to having sex with the girl. She was underage. Meaning he admitted to Statutory Rape. Not that hard to piece together

  6. The Bible trumps all else. 10,000 years or less

  7. He’s gone at the deadline anyways if the season is just like the last

  8. Couldn’t careless where he goes - just wanna see all the Brooklyn kiddies cry. He def ain’t ever touching Philly btw lil bro

  9. “Trying too hard to eliminate the male gaze” It shouldn’t be that hard considering she’s FOURTEEN YEARS OLD

  10. I've checked. Can't find a north American version manual only. I have found the PAL version.

  11. I know there’s buyer protection on eBay but this is a $100+ game so please let me know if this is something I should stay away from. If you own a GameCube disc that looks like this please let me know if it plays well for you! I’ve heard disc rot can be an issue with games, no idea if this is related or not. Thanks in advance for any advice!

  12. Update: Something I have never encountered and don’t ever recall reading a post or comment about this from anyone else. The Seller just messaged me back on the app and asked if he could cancel our deal. I guess it was all his Son’s stuff, left behind when he moved out 5 years ago and when he told his Son today, he was pissed. He asked for my address and wants to bring me back my money and pick everything back up. Not sure what to think. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  13. This is really up to you, I’m not sure what id do, but please keep us updated!

  14. They are essentially the same, the Xbox version has better graphics.

  15. Madden 12 was my first real experience with the game, I remember playing a lot, usually with the colts or eagles. Still my favorite to this day, all the options were great

  16. I wonder if a Tooie port would fix the frame rate like the XBLA port, if so that would be great

  17. Does it matter what region it’s from? Genuine question. That would be stupid of Nintendo to region lock sensors

  18. Look them up on price charting sites to see each of their worth. Some of them are probably not worth much so just make the bundle a little less then all of them combined considering you’ll still be making a profit and others will be taking some of the lesser games you no longer want.

  19. JFC you just compared the holocaust to truckers? Talk about making yourself a victim

  20. it's not about the outcome you double digit IQ mongo. It's about the principle. This is like saying nazis would be good people if they were not successful killing gorillions of innocent people.

  21. Interesting you threw a slur in there, but not surprising from somebody on pcm. Also, the principle? I’m sorry that I think killing six million Jews and you being scared of a needle are different from one another

  22. Hyperkin hdmi adapter works fine for me, just remember to change the resolution to 480p instead of 480i

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