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  1. Gay Dad and Gay Son are usually Ea US servers, always fun

  2. Is it all online? I typically don't like PVP, but I do like the medieval style games.

  3. Yeah all online, but definitely still worth a try. Not super competitive. Fun combat, silly and violent.

  4. Update: I tried it tonight. Didn't really like it. It's just not my type of game. I don't enjoy PVP usually.

  5. To all new players, run the tutorial first thing you do for your next few play sessions, before you get in the games. It'll help, I promise. have fun and do the objectives!

  6. To give a man a proper stabbing, try to really get in there! Make sure thou art penetrating him, deeply.

  7. Terrible place to ask this question, I know - but can PlayStation players use server browser to join in on the action w/ Xbox and PC players?

  8. Feel free to hit me up if you need to vent to a stranger, brother.


  10. I was done for the night, but this ones for Sammy

  11. The scene with the plague cart has a guy in the background slamming a cat into a wall by the tail and it has to be one of the funniest parts of the movie for me

  12. They stomp a cat during the knights of the round table song, always gets a laugh from me

  13. Ps5 has mic muted by default when you start streaming. Use the PS button on controller to open the quick menu and select broadcast. There will be 3 icons under where it shows your stream screen, the 1st one is a microphone icon and like I said its mute by default, unmute and you're good to go

  14. How did this dirtbag manage to pronounce 'ur hawt' so perfectly

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