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  1. The two on the right are literally just FD rx7... Really confused what we're supposed to be seeing.

  2. I think that is the point but I am not really sure lol. Maybe supposed to be a modern concept of it?

  3. As someone who moved from Raleigh to Boca, stay in NC lol

  4. Out of curiosity: Do you think political statement stickers lil this make a difference in any way?

  5. Oh no they definitely don't. I just like the look of them

  6. The range I frequent is at a course which runs along the 9th hole to the right. So people slice tee shots from the 9th hole onto the range all day. Every time I get a bucket of balls, I find at least two balls which are clearly not range balls and belonged to someone. Pro-V-1’s, Chromesofts, Vice, Kirklands, Taylormade whatever the fucks. It’s been stocking my bag for a while because I usually lose a ball or two a round. It’s $5 for a small bucket of balls and I gain anywhere between 1 and 4 balls for my bag.

  7. That's great honestly. My range is over a lake so you cant go out and find balls sadly, and you also don't know your yardage.

  8. Ehh idk OP, I grew up learning it wsa spigot or spic and I am hispanic lol. It doesn't really matter and there wasn't any race involved so I dont see how this is a problem

  9. Growing up in the South, everyone called in a "spicket".

  10. I grew up in the south on was told it was a spic as well

  11. I’m down only like 18% in my cr*pto but 40% in my stock portfolio. I knew I shouldn’tve gone so heavy into tech..

  12. I want to say that Lesotho is more well known due to being so unusual in terms of borders but idk

  13. only time I "claim a machine" is when i am getting a rag to wipe it down first. It is rude for people to do that

  14. fucking why. I feel like some mf would come behind me, ass r4pe me and take my shit.

  15. Stuff like that doesn't happen where I live lmao. Plus I am aware if someone is around

  16. you study here? have you ever been robbed or jumped at this place? it looks like the type of place where that would happen

  17. Nah lol, I live in an expensive area with a shit ton of security and police, nothing happens.

  18. Go to the Jewelry Exchange on turnpike and Glades. I normally go there and shop it around. There is a guy I go for watch repair there but other repairs were done by others.

  19. What is your guy's name? I have around 15 watches I need to get fixed lmao

  20. If they had just paid rent then they wouldn't see the red sticker

  21. What kind of finance job? I am looking to go into investment banking

  22. Downvote for backwards baseball cap….what a douche.

  23. But why tho, nobody matches the band-aid colors anyways. Everyone is too white or too dark. Literally doesn't matter

  24. Thing is that I live outside the USA

  25. they have a size guide on their website so you can compare your size in regent to the other one

  26. Haha ,Boca and Florida in general known for scammers and Conmen , lots of em live here in Boca. You may have never seen this many brand new Bentleys anywhere ,maybe Beverly Hills.

  27. Its hard to go anywhere without seeing a Bently in East Boca lol, I think my neighbor has one

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