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  1. I think Pelosi is in a secret intimate with Mitch because she can’t get it from her husband who is gay.

  2. So true!! I have so many friends from all over i could make one of these myself lol 😂

  3. He's on roids, that vasculature and muscularity is unnatural for a 62 year-old, some roids decrease water retention resulting in this red/dry/shit-straining look

  4. Testosterone therapy he is probably on. It makes the veins pop out too.

  5. Type in his name with Kate Hudson’s name. That Kate behind him in the photo you posted.

  6. At 14 I was given an drug for epilepsy to treat “manic depression”. They were treating mental health patients in the 90’s as if they were having uncontrollable fits.

  7. This year in LA parents in a nearby city were finding tampered Oreo packages. A couple was going around handing them out dressed in Star Wars masks and light sabers. Reports on the neighborhood app were telling others to be weary. The oeros had toothpaste instead of cream filling.

  8. Panspermia possibly. But otherwise, the aliens could have manipulated monkey DNA to create humans.

  9. Here’s an entertaining theory…could humans be the ones who created monkeys?


  11. Thank you for your sources. Those that don’t agree with you either don’t live in Ca, or are somehow involved in the weed business and they don’t want the truth to be known. Taxes are through the roof in Ca, and it sucks big time.

  12. Huge communication barriers with loved ones yet I was able to offer clarity and insight with one situation. The other is a duality of a relationship that always endures communication issues almost every retrograde.

  13. Make a pipe out of foil and smoke it. I don’t that doesn’t sound ideal, yet it works in a pinch.

  14. You’re beautiful and you don’t look old at all. Happy early birthday to you.

  15. No shit it looks like this guy I know that lives in LA somewhere.

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