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  1. If he was American this sub would be gargling his bollocks. Any UK/Irish fighter just shows the slightest bit of confidence is hated here

  2. Not even remotely true. Just nobody wants to hear him use recycled lines from Conor.

  3. After a year without a fight you should get pulled from the rankings, not sure why so many old, injured fighters get to hold up the top 15

  4. This. And Michael Chandler getting a title fight after only 1 fight in the ufc

  5. There was a lot going on in the division at the time. It was either do Chandler vs Olivera for the vacant. Or put Oliveira and the division on ice for almost a year and wait for the winner of Dustin vs Conor.

  6. Blew through his money too quickly without realizing his 15 minutes were coming to an end. Couldn’t stay relevant and now begging someone to keep him relevant

  7. Probably losing his ass trying to run Gamebred FC

  8. The only crossover that could do decent numbers right now Is Tyson Fury vs Francis if marketed right... Even that would be a hard sell because Deontay Wilder probably punches just as hard as Francis, similar size, actually has boxing experience and still couldn't beat Fury.

  9. wont be a hard sell at all, tyson fury sells out any stadium in england

  10. Oh yea,Live ticket sales are easy to get with superstars like Tyson. It's PPV sales that are starting to die out.

  11. The whole "are you readyyyyy" shtick before the main event is the main thing he needs to re work. It took Bruce a while to get his saying down

  12. Grossman taking pitches like the bases are empty.

  13. From attempting to pull guard to being crucifixed in 8 seconds. That's rough.

  14. He’s a huge fight fan, idk if he lives in Vegas but he’s always at events. Seems like a pretty cool dude

  15. Probably has a house there, I know he has at least 2 restaurants in vegas.

  16. Hell's kitchen and that burger joint right?

  17. Yeah, it's almost like they're sucking up to him because he has massive influence.

  18. He's not talking about just now, Joe's been highly rated by comics well before the podcast or the UFC was mainstream. I don't really understand it either.

  19. Not very often you see the towel get thrown in during MMA fights. The ref was already moving in to stop it but good to see the corner actually gives a shit about their fighter.

  20. Alex is -112 / Sean is -104. Pretty much as even as betting odds can get for a MMA fight.

  21. Javy 6 game hit streak. 9/24. 3 doubles, 1 triple, 2 HR. And only 2 strike outs.

  22. I don't think he would would beat Izzy, but you know damn well that ain't why Khabib retired.

  23. Regardless of the promise to his mom, he was never going to try and make 155 again after that cut vs Justin. If that fight was anywhere besides Abu Dhabi it wouldn't even have been sanctioned.

  24. Riley Greene has reached base 8 times in 3 games, hopefully he keeps it up and will get moved up to the top of the order in the near future.

  25. This is similar to Khamzats fight with the Leech. Half the fans will be impressed Shavkat beat a veteran, the other half will say Magny is washed and Shavkat needs to fight real competition.

  26. The fighters knew the scale was messed up well before weigh ins even started, it was first reported to fighters first thing in the morning. He still was the last to weigh in plus got the extra hour. Regardless of that backstage scale, he was going to miss weight.. Also almost every fighters team brings a scale for the hotel room, you don't see a weight cut video where there isn't a scale In the fighters hotel room.

  27. As long as you aren’t food? This wouldn’t be problematic. That’s an old tortoise right there. It doesn’t have time for video shenanigans. It just wants its apple.

  28. That's an alligator snapping turtle, you would lose a finger if you put it anywhere near its mouth.

  29. UFC really thinks Tate is a big draw, I know she was one of the first few women's champions, but cmon, give her the featured prelim, not a main card spot.

  30. More like Muay Thai, still kicks,elbows,knees and clinching.

  31. Because he was supposed to fight another time that same night, but had to pull out because of an injury

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