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  1. Super nice soft spoken Minnesota guy. 🥂 That said I don't think he should be allowed to compete in athletics due to genetics; unfair advantage. But I'm buying a shirt 👍

  2. I used to be a physically dependent alcoholic. 8 16oz cans of 8percent abv per a day one being before I physically get out of bed bad. Yeah as long as your not drinking In the morning. I generally think most people can walk away without anything more then mild cramping and a headache.

  3. I'm guessing he's from Canada is why he knows north and south Dakota. It's from baseball or hockey.

  4. Those comically huge and expensive top water spider lures by lunkerhunt.

  5. You could probably fit a pound of lead in him. Awesome catch. Catching on a top water lure counts double. Fishing a buzz bait is the gate way drug to top water. And still my most productive lure. Dark color in dark water and bright in clear sunny water. And don't buy the Walmart ones.

  6. New Amsterdam is easily the best gin or vodka. Expensive looking bottle that's secretly cheap.

  7. I love how newbie fisherman think. 🥂 I'm with you 100 percent ; the obsessing over tiny details is the fun part of fishing.

  8. Also you have to floor a car down the highway in pouring rain. Try to do it not to put other drivers at risk. Just block the road and floor it. Speaking of trying to commit a crime to benefit a charity or something would be time well spent and probably worth your risk. Like steal from a large company and donate it. * I'd open a million credit cards and take out as much loan as possible.

  9. If they find out, they're probably getting their money back no matter who it was sent to

  10. Idk donate in Bitcoin. Depends what he means by no family. Or if married what his spouse will be liable for after death.

  11. I'm buying into those stocks that got smashed Friday. Nike and Norwegian cruise. I own both. Norwegian right now is probably the most sink or swim stock. It routinely rides 3 percent waves I'm locked in to sell at a 2 percent gain.

  12. I'd say Robinhood you can tell by the screenshots it's what most people on here use. No minimum or fees. Very noobie friendly. Watch a couple how to get started with Robinhood YouTube videos and you're set. Putting money in is mostly instant. And if you want to get the debit card thing spending it directly from your account is also instant. If you care about a 5 buck referral thing dm me. Good luck 🤞 * but yeah it's not going to prevent you from taking your money out... But can set up an automatic deposit into a certain stock or cryptocurrency.

  13. I had no idea how difficult it was going to be switching over to bait caster. It's a totally different animal. It's not as different as fly fishing but it's honestly in the discussion. That said after a couple of awkward fishing trips and a love hate relationship where I found myself reaching for my old spinning rod. It is objectively better at certain types of fishing. My opinion on sunglasses? They look stupid.

  14. You're looking at stuff that's way to fancy for a beginner. Just buy the Shakespeare or Berkeley set at Walmart. What's important is your line. So once you've tried fishing a couple of times and decided you like it upgrade the line. Also stick to only spinning combo's and learn how to set your drag * the amount of force required to pull line off reel* before you hit the water. 2 mins of practice casting down your driveway is a way better place to learn then on a body of water. Your going to need clippers, pliers, and the ability to tie a knot. Good luck.

  15. I’ve fished before it’s just the rod I have from big 5 isn’t really cutting it for me anymore. Are you sure it’s too fancy? I just want something high quality and light.

  16. By all means buy what you can afford. Never heard of big 5. I'm a bait caster guy so I'm not an expert on premium spinning rods. I know a little. It's really about slow vs fast action. And apparently fancy ones are more prone to breaking. Good luck on the water 🤞

  17. I've used it but it hasn't necessarily caught anything . . . the lake nearest to me is pretty overfished.

  18. Go to Google maps and just look for the blue. You're probably going to have to try a lot of different places. You really don't know if something is fishable until you see it for yourself. Lakes behind hotels? Golf courses? Fancy neighborhoods? No parking signs don't mean anything. No fishing signs are a no go.

  19. At 4:38 am I just watched tesla hit red. Guys this isn't funny anymore? Luckily I live in the basement.

  20. always be prepared to cut a trip short and take a fish home. That's what I do. If you need to bring a bucket or a large plastic bag to just last a 15 min drive to get home. But realistically, get comfortable unhooking fish. If that means wearing a special glove and buying a fish mat. So be it. But fish are really resistant.

  21. Don't sleep on those small cans of chili hotdog sauce. Castleberry's or the Walmart brand. Cheap and I find I eat a lot more chili dogs because it's convenient.

  22. To me I get annoyed at the fish only when I'm taking other people out. To me that's when the pressure is on. *And most of the time in water I've never fished. And my guests start questioning my skill or asking if I'm sure their are even fish? Every 5 mins.

  23. Yes but arguably that is easier and less risky than the hook

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