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  1. Religious person here. I totally agree. Although, I believe abortion is often used by our society as a bandaid to try and cover up issue causes by us not supporting families. I imagine the number of abortions would drop significantly if people didn't have to worry about money or school or work or childcare or medical care or mental healthcare, or...

  2. omg I forgot the Rugrats did that. A Maccababie's gotta do, what a Maccababie's gotta do.

  3. From this short clip, the show looks right up my alley. Is it worth a full watch for fans of shows like Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, AT, etc?

  4. So far I'd say so! Only half of the first season is out so far, but it should appeal to that general sense of humor. It even has the songs to keep the comparison going.

  5. If it helps, Spy Kids and Machete are canonically in the same universe.

  6. I recently learned on Reddit that Spy Kids was directed by Robert Rodriguez. I just looked it up it’s completely true. Holy shit, I need to see Spy Kids.

  7. Danny Trejo's Machete movies are a spinoff from the SpyKids series too.

  8. I’ve never been able to find an applicable scenario to use “I thought you was corn.” That doesn’t prevent me from using it all the time, applicable or not.

  9. The rules may focus on combat because that part of the game needs structure to do it, the game itself is about making stories with a group. While permanent death can be a satisfying ending to a story it's doesn't really work as the start or midpoint of the story.

  10. If the 11 year old is nerdy enough, they absolutely read it somewhere or got inspired to put it together.

  11. Heh, first two had me in such a froggy mindset that humans didn't even factor in until I ran out of J named frogs.

  12. It's one of the few brands of overt machismo that is still acceptable/encouraged today. Literally anytime the concept of a man's daughter dating a boy is encountered in any media, it is followed by the father making some sort of vague threat-non-threat and maybe the mention of a shotgun. I'm sick of it too.

  13. Some asshole found a way to hook a monkey's paw up to Twitter, and look where we are now.

  14. My intro to the character was Peter McNichol

  15. The secret true star of that movie. Not every day the sidekick gets more laughs than Leslie Nielsen.

  16. Shallow Hal released a year after his mainstream breakout role in High Fidelity, so I think he had some options. Farrely Brothers were still pretty popular at the time though, so could be they're why he took it.

  17. He's from Senegal, he speaks multiple languages and that's not what a plot hole means.

  18. The fact that he gets in a slap fight with the cloak after it tries to wipe his tears is what ruins it. If it had just wiped one of his tears and then the film cut away it would have been an actual affecting mmoment

  19. Yes, clearly one of the title characters, whose major existential and moral conflict remains unresolved, will not change at all. If the season finale doesn't involve the Ghost Council finding out about his friendship with Molly, I will be very surprised.

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