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  2. It’s a “custom” cluster basically a “M3 copy cat” :p

  3. It is concerning how many clips surface of BLATANTY corrupt cops. Like not on the sly, legit fuckin sucker punching agitated civilians

  4. In my country (and I imagine it's like that all over the world) it's well known that scumbags join the police force so they can legally punch people to pulp.

  5. Friend of mine, “I’ve been called a f***** more while playing games online than I have at my own two gay weddings!”

  6. Ah yes, gay weddings, where it's common to call the grooms f*ggot:

  7. These are running shoes, I bet the reason of the soles looking like that is mainly for functionality.

  8. Get a long tail, you'll have all the advantages without the disadvantages of a bakfiets: it takes up a lot of space, hard to find a decent place to park it and the biggest disadvantage of all: you get stuck in traffic jams with it if there's no bike lane.

  9. As many told you already, it's an air intake and it's just show. There's absolutely no reason to get rid of a high beam to supposedly get more air into your engine, because you wont. The stock air intake is about as good as it gets. Fitting anything else on there will give you the same results as stock if you do it properly, if not you'll make it worse. The only real advantage you'll ever get by fitting an aftermarket air intake is more intake noise.

  10. He wants Batman to be proud of his dick as well.

  11. But then my mom's car still has got an old style plate with no country code at all.

  12. It's not about whether or not there's a country code on the plate, it's about the plate not being original anymore.

  13. You forgot the word reason in your title, are you stupid?

  14. Maybe I’m a dummy but what’s the third plastic tank for? I see coolant, washer fluid, and ???

  15. That's pretty weird. I've got a 320is, so same engine and I haven't got that tank. Also my washer fluid tank is shaped differently.

  16. Yet everything is original except the exhaust line

  17. So that means he was frozen for an even shorter period then, or doesn't it smartass?

  18. Please don't take me seriously, but I am not a company pretending to keep your money safe

  19. Why the fuck is this not in use today

  20. Because it would be either that fifth wheel or a trunk. Not to mention how much more expensive the car would be with a fifth wheel and the extra maintenance it would need.

  21. This isn't "Engrish" though. I saw this posted somewhere else and I don't remember the exact story anymore but it was something like a husband that got this cake made for his pregnant wife and they were both a huge fan of this funny video:

  22. LMAO "German walls are totally built different", as if it's unique to your country?!

  23. It looks great, the only complaint I have is that the lights are bit too big. It would be perfect (and I know it's pretty much impossible to achieve this) if the lights were 10% smaller.

  24. What happens after visiting the room of requirement whilst having naughty thoughts.

  25. Perri Piper after visiting the room of requirement.

  26. Christ your fat must be very dense if your hand lost a 130 pounds and just got that bit thinner.

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