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  1. Pretty sure tame impala used this as their visuals for apocalypse dreams on their current tour

  2. You obviously didn’t however you are angry enough about me posting merch that you commented with a negative tone. Take your gatekeeping to another subreddit

  3. Lol dude this subreddit is for FANS of Khru who might be interested in their merchandise. People who actually pay money for their concerts and want to support a band they love. You sound salty and bitter. I’ll end this here. I’m actually disappointed you are here cause Khru fans are not like you.

  4. I also learned this today (Chapo Trap House)

  5. “Before she shank me with a butter knife”

  6. I bought this on vinyl and I don’t even have a record player

  7. Unpopular opinion but the drop after the intro during live shows is underwhelming… IMO 🙃

  8. Like what song though? Or can u shoot me a link? I went to the live and nothing about it was underwhelming

  9. I’m sad they didn’t play this in DC

  10. Selling 1 GA (Section 111) ticket. $100. Price is negotiable . Hit me up


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