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  1. One of my most controversial opinions is that I think people who prefer fantasy/scifi media that's full of genocide over the ones that aren't usually want genocide in real life too

  2. Well of course they know, their former colonies showed them.

  3. The shape has a resemblance to Tamriel.

  4. Is it not harder to walk on than a static floor due to the falling motion? This would have to steal kinetic energy from people's legs to work, right?

  5. How'd Rob Kennedy get 15 years in office?

  6. Look at what you've done. No better than the Moon Lord. Heartless monster.

  7. Zenith is the ultimate terraria weapon because it looks like a fish

  8. You can express love in ways other than saying "I love you". I think that would force me to be a little more thoughtful about what loved ones actually mean to me. Not even a bad thing necessarily.

  9. Geonosis probably had a pretty low population in the first place as a very dry desert planet

  10. they don't know it's actually Japanese Maple

  11. Finally a Lresident who connects with the Lmerican people

  12. Everyone can read your mind is actually a superpower for communication. Might cause some awkwardness in the short term, but I'll take it.

  13. Oh no the dictionary truthfully represented folklore in a way that upsets the highly processed fantasy trope versions of these creatures

  14. She's definitely vaguing a man named Jorgen here

  15. A dragon with both compound eyes and a human-like torso? Freakish.

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