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  1. We're Mr. Wilson and they're Dennis.

  2. My family would hang me for ruining a piece of meat like that, by smoking it. Too each his own. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Yeah, why try new things? People who like things other than you must be incorrect and not know what they should like.

  4. It's not new to me. I told someone to enjoy it. Calm down little cowboy. Eat what you want. Smoke it up!

  5. If you conducted yourself better you would need to back track, little cowboy.

  6. Problem is she couldn't find her license and was "weaving at 3:43 a.m". You would think they would ensure she had a license even if they didn't ticket her.

  7. The article says they looked up that she had a license.

  8. Wasnthe Jack Black back in black, black?

  9. After you tighten a ratchet strap do you try and wiggle it and say "Thats not going anywhere"? You're in.

  10. Oh, I'm going to take a picture of the steaks I see at my local Sobeys (Canada)

  11. Sobeys and IGA are the same parent company...I think Safeway might be in there too.

  12. If someone doesn't put with you being a dick, it's not a "Whooooshhh!"

  13. Hey, did you buy these t-bones at Red Lake IGA? (Joking)

  14. Haha did you just call China left-wing? What?

  15. Yeah, but then you’re stuck renting a new tank from them. It’s always better/cheaper to buy the tank outright and then replace it yourself.

  16. Nope, you sign on for a minimum term and after that it's voluntary. If it dies they replace it, but you don't renew you contract with a new tank, at least not any of the companies I've seen.

  17. I would have put the dog down or rehomed it after such an incident that requires surgeries. Seems like you’re valuing the dog more than safety. That’s a choice I couldn’t make.

  18. Put the dog down because a kid jumped on it when it was sleeping, startled it awake, and it defended itself instinctually before running to its crate?

  19. America continent is wrong too. You're wrong over here, and over there, you're wrong everywhere.

  20. Yeah and they are collectively called the Americas/America continent by the rest of the world. It's not my fault if you NORTH AMERICANS are so egocentric and don't know basic geography.

  21. They are called "The Americas", but that's NOT what you said. Literally no one calls it "the American Continent".

  22. 100% agreed. I don't use the city dump, so it doesn't really impact me at all, but I've heard of friends waiting up to half an hour to get in or out.

  23. No it isn't. Read what they said, then read what you wrote. See where you took out the details and changed what they said? That's called strawmanning, you chump.

  24. Considering they are wrecking Russia's shit with just 4, 500 might as well be a million.

  25. I have no doubt that if the US wanted to, they could muster their logistical might and ship all 500 overnight.

  26. The realisation on the head of the right guy is priceless

  27. "Hey guys, Muhammad did a self portrait in the back!"

  28. Unless you're ordering in a pub or a fish & chip shop. It's like how we use metric and imperial depending on the situation!

  29. Can you think of any other situation where fries are chips in Canada other than "Fish 'n' Chips"?

  30. Yeah, you don't need to put it in quotations, there's lots of us

  31. I meant there are a lot of foreign actors sowing dissent in these forums.

  32. Oh man. Someone from another country is arguing with me, they must be a " foreign actors sowing dissent in this forum"

  33. The far end of Chippewa past the pier is good, always empty and a nice spot, there's also a bridge west of the Stanley thats a good spot, then there's the floodway by Keefer terminal for in town.

  34. Honey, why do you have grill marks?

  35. I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?

  36. Forget all this, I literally have some you can have, PM me and I'll send you my address

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