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  1. you can put in crosswalks and a light-up yield sign and it would be fine. this was more of a question of other locations in the city.

  2. Putting roundabouts in areas with high foot traffic defeats the purpose of a roundabout. You're going to have cars stopping inside the roundabout waiting for pedestrians to cross which will be a logistical traffic nightmare

  3. They walk around the round about. Not through it unless your in a massive one who wich this would not be.

  4. Yes but cars trying to exit the round about would have to stop for pedestrians. The point of a round about is to keep cars moving

  5. That India is too nice of a card to have a sticker auto, such a shame

  6. Find out what helmet he wore, buy one from perani's hockey world or pure hockey and then order the stickers and numbers online

  7. It’s happened before sort of… I can’t remember who did it. Think it was Ravens vs Bengals. Except they were on offense 4th down had to punt. Everyone held and the punter held the ball until the clock ran out then like took a safety game over.

  8. Jesus Christ I almost had this play completely wiped from my brain. I was livid as a Bengals fan and swore off watching football for 2 weeks after that bullshit

  9. Called it in the Bengals game yesterday too on Eli Apple after the second interception

  10. I like a spicy chicken sandwich and Chick-fil-A has the best one because the breading is spicy but everywhere else they just add a spicy sauce to the regular chicken sandwich

  11. I would normally agree with this, but Popeyes spicy sauce is on point. McDonald's on the other hand has the nastiest spicy sauce on their spicy chicken

  12. Well, the clip is stainless steel and said it has a 100 lb limit (so it can probably do more than that.) I guess I'll see how well it holds up

  13. The thing will hold up just fine..... Until it doesn't. You don't want to find out mid pull that the thing isn't going to hold up anymore and everything on the rope go crashing to the ground. Get a heavier duty clip, 100lbs is nothing in the commercial world

  14. Williamstown lake is only about an hour south of the city

  15. Just a heads up, that Yordan isn't an actual auto

  16. No problem, they are called facsimile. Just a reproduction of the players auto printed onto the card. A lot of products have them. Any actual auto will have the "Topps certified auto" under or around it unless someone has it signed in person

  17. Use 130point, but unfortunately looking at the back of the card it appears to have major edge damage (top right corner) so not much value

  18. That feeling hit me too. Bandwagon fans don't know what that last 2 minutes did to our hearts lol

  19. Lol a 45+ year old man next to me called game after we went up by 10 with 8 minutes left. At the exact same moment the raiders fan behind me walked out. I was overly pissed because it was at that point I knew the Bengals were in trouble

  20. This game single handedly brought him back to the "must resign" category to me.

  21. Lol raiders fan behind me at the game kept insisting CJ was a bottom 5 tight end in the league while simultaneously watching him shred their defense

  22. Not a doctor but it sounds like you have some type of tendonitis or golfers elbow. I have the exact same pain in my forearm/elbow when playing baseball or throwing anything with force. After 5 or so throws my arm would literally go dead and I wouldn't be able to throw anymore. I got a medical compression sleeve for my elbow (not one of the stupid stylish ones NBA players wear) and it completely cured my pain, I can play multiple games a day and feel minimal pain. Look into them, they are only $20-$30 so it's worth a shot

  23. Okay let me rephrase, i am thinking people (non pros) get it beacsue they can see a difference between visual expeirence, and less about playing better. Make sense?

  24. I have a TCL R615 (60hz) in my bedroom and a QN90A (120 hz) in my living room. I mostly game on the QN90A with my PS5 but will sometimes move it to the bedroom if my gf is watching TV or something. The TCL only being 60hz is not near the top of the list on reasons I don't like gaming on it, brightness and contrast being my two biggest complaints.

  25. Lol to be fair I loved the R615 before the QN90A took it's place in my living room, but that extra thousand dollars makes a huge difference

  26. Any interest in selling or trading the Rose cards? Also would be interested in any other Reds you have

  27. This is a stupid question, but how are they still making cards of his given that he left the players association?

  28. I don't think anyone is making Bonds cards, if they are then it's unlicensed on a separate contract with Bonds himself. This person is referring to the value of his cards from when he was playing

  29. Yeah ground loot money, it's an issue when you can buy multiple advanced uavs a game and still have money left over

  30. Why are you looking for 130 point that references really thick cards usually with a cleat or piece of a glove

  31. is a website that shows eBay sold listings

  32. Interested in the Boomer and Higgins rookies

  33. Fun! I’ll have to start crunching numbers now to finish by end of day. Haha

  34. Just an FYI the Kelenic SP is not going for $500, the independence day #/71 in update is going for $500. The actual update SP sold last for $62, however when update was first released the first 1 or 2 Kelenic SPs sold for $800+. I dumped my Kelenic SP at around the $250 mark. SPs are notorious for sharply dropping in price the longer the set is out, I don't think SPs are all that rare anymore probably around the 5k-10k range

  35. Interesting. Thank you for that information. I didn’t realize there were that many printed, much more than I expected.

  36. It's completely a guess, as it could be more or less than that. All I know is TONS of people pulled Kelenic and Ohtani SPs this year based on the pictures posted to reddit

  37. Bro I don't like to tell other people how to live their lives.... But if you're living in a 5⁰F shed with no heat you should probably be spending that 12-14 hours a day working to better your situation instead of gaming. And also, DON'T finance a tv, those businesses prey on the poor and extort the little amount of money they have

  38. It makes uav’s delightfully powerful and speeds things up for this reason imo. Can hunt from the moment you get $6k. Love this new mechanic!

  39. This is how my squad usually does it and it works just fine. Also holding a UAV to pop as soon as loadouts drop allows you to avoid running into a camped loadout or buy station, it's that easy

  40. A friend recommended I look up the video "how to skate like McDavid" and it says not to be directly underneath right?

  41. No offense but looking up a "how to skate like mcdavid" video while at your skill level would be the equivalent of a "how to dunk like LeBron" when you can't even touch the rim. You need to be watching beginners skating videos to learn the basics of technique and form

  42. I swear even modern living rooms are still designed around a fire place, real or fake. It makes no sense, I don’t want a living room centered around a fire place I want it centered around a TV.

  43. I brought this exact same complaint to my girlfriend while she was watching HGTV. All these new modern home designs are open concept with the focus on entertaining guests and zero thought into making an actual functional living room, I want to be able to enjoy my house when guests aren't there

  44. I’ve heard people are shifting away from the whole entertaining guests focus now because they discovered their houses were awful to live in during COVID

  45. I'm glad it took a pandemic for people to realize their ideas are shit

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