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  1. That's Virginia. You can befriend her

  2. I only killed 14 people in a single lobby as a fully geared rogue don't worry (Please just give him more steps when you hide and make them unhearable/runnable)

  3. I'm sorry, I genuinely did not enjoy your laugh. It pissed me off more than anything.

  4. why didn't the mobs agro you? i thought the skeleton would kill you on the second steal for sure.

  5. I would add to the wizard part that the way the wizard is implemented currently is not the vision they have for it. They'd like to have a sorcerer class that has less variety of spells but more innate power in them. While they envision the wizard class as having less power and more variety of spells. So in a way they revealed there will likely be a sorcerer class in the future.

  6. Thats what I meant, I should of clarified that later, I got ads during the bard part so I didnt hear the sorcerer part

  7. It's funny because the group players are the ones who are chatting the most about it, while solo players don't say a thing LMAOOO

  8. They literally had to ban solo Q posts on the Reddit because people were crying so much. That’s why you never saw anyone talking about it

  9. Not even the reddit, and I don't mean the complainers, I mean the majority of people spending hours writing up paragraphs and paragraphs of why solo would be bad in a week-long experiment to see if it works or not instead of just playing, there is 0 downside to a solo dungeon with capped loot, and probably very minimal survival.

  10. I mean, the worst influence it would have on the game is there being less people who enter the other dungeons solo.

  11. That is literally coming this test with a party finder system so its easier to find a group, big QOL changes this time around

  12. My stealth only pickpocket playstyle has gotten me into positions where it would be extremely easy to get kills with any other build, but I appreciate the bait man. Maybe I am bad at it :(

  13. I do the funny pickpocket only/dumb ideas if anyone is looking for that sort of ting lmao

  14. Theory: 'Lightning' Elites reflect all [ranged?] damage when in close proximity to players.

  15. Had the same dog as a solo ranger wanting to see what the fuck the hell was, shooting it in the head made me take no damage, but shooting the spine did damage.

  16. He must’ve stopped so close to you but didn’t quite touch. Otherwise your invis would’ve gone away. Valiant effort!

  17. I wish I could say how that works, but in my experience I have had people literally HUG me and not dissapear, and sometimes they dont even touch me and I go visible, its really weird

  18. A tip is to aim for his head and not his chest/arms, especially if you already know your gear isn't up to par.

  19. Yeah. This was my 2nd ever game, didn't know. Im running out of clips haha

  20. Doesn't sound like a solo queue but like queuing solo

  21. Both are used interchangably, doesn't change my message that solo queue would suck for genuine solo players

  22. As someone who is essentially a top 500 player for multiple games, they can both be used interchangeably! Doesn't change the message

  23. As a player who plays a majority solo I never had a problem ever running from people, people don't realize that they don't know how many people are in your group, and I was able to even surrender to some teams most of the time, then again I solo rogue and try to pickpocket but I have also been able to do solo cleric by befriending teams and or running away. I like there being trios of people and I think solo queue would ruin most of the fun for me. Unless it was a separate way to toggle out of, that's my two cents atleast I really like the randomness, you might go against the three ttv rangers or you go against fortnitedancebattle and limpnode the wizard Think adding a solo queue would really be kinda eh

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