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[Charania] Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver announces that he has started the process to sell both franchises.

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  1. From what I’ve learned this season - If Denny was in Reddick’s spot at the Dirt race he would have added Briscoe to his list and told everyone about it lol

  2. Why is my mental image of Denny just him being the wine mom of NASCAR drivers?

  3. Kirk will open up the playbook once and only once on some dumbass trick play that somehow works, like that punter to long snapper fake FG against Ohio State.

  4. Damn, catching strays from Minnesota fans too now

  5. You know it's bad when B1G West teams start shitting on you.

  6. No need to bring rationality into this conversation just yet. Those percentages have never been so high -- we dream because we can!

  7. It’ll either be a blowout or a ground and pound Iowa master class ending 10-7 in favor of Iowa. No in between. If either team is up 2 scores at any point, the game is over. If Michigan can run the ball at all, we should be fine but i absolutely hate playing Iowa

  8. Holy shit is that an Iowa Lakes CC flair????

  9. Estherville main campus, but Spencer’s got that NJCAA soccer baby!

  10. We'll start our own conference, with bronze pigs and axes!

  11. I'd watch. Make it a double header with the truck series earlier that morning, give them a million dollars to win both, and I'd watch all day long.

  12. Add Xfinity and we can have the NASCAR Relays at Martinsville

  13. Hamlin must've hit a banana peel in the tunnel where there's no camera's such a shame. - NASCAR

  14. Mack Brown frantically calling Kirk Ferentz trying to learn how to win a game without effective passing.

  15. Michigan would win. Then CMU, GVSU, WMU, Eastern, some D3 colleges, then msu would come in last after northern Michigan throws 350yds on their DBs (does northern Michigan have a team? Idk, but some kid on campus will torch them. It’s ok though cuz Mel tucker looks cool smoking cigars)

  16. Ole Miss would thrash Kansas, and Kansas isn't even the best team in their own state.

  17. I want the dejean, Kaleb Johnson, leshon Williams triple option

  18. As long as we beat Wisconsin I'm fine with losing to you guys.

  19. He moved to Toyota. Idk what it is, but guys change when they drive for Toyota.

  20. Brian Ferentz always takes a penny when checking out.

  21. Home field advantage. Night game. Hungry program and fans.

  22. Then we must play without a QB. Either that or Tory Taylor comes in on 2nd down after Brian Ferentz realizes that FB dives don’t go for 8 yards a pop.

  23. If there is ever a game to break the NCAA record 77 punts between Texas Tech and Centenary in 1939, it's Iowa vs Rutgers in 2022.

  24. Spencer Petras will have more punt yardage than pass yardage

  25. Tulane. I just love their goofy mascot and unique color combination.

  26. Tulane v WKU rivalry when? I need Riptide vs Big Red

  27. Bro we need a Navy-Tulane-ECU rivalry where we all play for some ridiculous trophy like a 2 foot wooden ship, or a treasure chest of dubloons

  28. I love old-timey football stats that involve teams I never knew existed

  29. Grinnell still exists in D3. You want a defunct team, check out the Iowa Pre-Flight Seahawks. Played 3 seasons during WW2, had an all-time record of 22-5, nearly won the natty in 1943, and is the only team from Iowa with a winning record against the Hawkeyes (2-0).

  30. Lore master of corn based football over here you got any more?

  31. Iowa has played 2 games that ended 2-0. Both came against Iowa State.

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