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  1. Khabib fought safe...Charles fights in the fire...

  2. He's short and rich. I think its sort of dope.

  3. found triple-cringe's platform shoe supplier. username checks out...

  4. For me it has something to do with the idea that Mark and Myles both put out pretty great solo albums after WTS, showing that they still can write kick ass songs. I'm really excited for this album too

  5. It shows that they were sandbagging by saving their best work for their solo albums. I don't even listen to the last few AB records but Tremonti's latest is a banger.

  6. Happened to me twice. Rakuten is shady.

  7. Hey, I just wanted to follow up with you because this just happened with me, did you get your money back into your account?

  8. Never got the $40 referral bonuses. Rakuten is shady.

  9. They both took a lot of damage in those two fights...

  10. right...a broken orbital is classified as "damage".

  11. That was ketchup from the pre-fight hotdogs he gobbled in the locker room.

  12. Molly Meatball has more testosterone than that lad...

  13. Know which ones? I'm breaking in a pair of BS Saber jeans now. Also Japanese, same weight.

  14. Sizing is off...went with a tag 35 (I'm 6'3" 225lbs).

  15. He did fine against Fat Dan accomplished HW.:8972:

  16. *Selvedge jeans size ranges between 27 - 36 + Boots between 8.5 - 13*

  17. His podcast, The Pivot, that he does with Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder, both previously of I Am Athlete, is really good too. I genuinely don't follow anything on YouTube but I've got notifications for new episodes from them.

  18. The person who chose the music for their podcast should be smacked...

  19. Just repeat what the successful guy says...

  20. One day of potential discomfort (with you) vs. the rest of her life close to you. Seems to be an easy choice.

  21. Mark Kerr - The Smashing Machine.

  22. *Selvedge jeans size ranges between 27 - 36 + Boots between 8.5 - 13*

  23. *Selvedge jeans size ranges between 27 - 36 + Boots between 8.5 - 13*

  24. Aqva Amara is a great warm weather scent. GLWS.

  25. The point os they are not allowed to love freely. Say that to a girl you like, bet you wont

  26. So she's saying that neither deserved to win so it could've been declared a draw...

  27. Should be, without question, Abdelasleeze.

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