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  1. I appreciate the growth and benefits but my priorities lie in my home and helping my country, not taking unnecessary risks for money, fame or just to get some bodies. At the same time tho, I didn't join the infantry expecting anyone to have common sense. No I'm not excited to spend a year in one of the worst sandboxes. Honestly rather deploy to Poland at this point

  2. Don’t be a puss. It’s not that bad. I will say if you miss a deployment by choice you’ll probably be known as a shitbag for the rest of your career

  3. My unit (mech infantry) is currently deployed to the shithole of the world and we have guys fresh out of basic with us. One guy graduated 3 weeks ago and they flew him over after we had already been in country for a month or so. Next rotation has 15 or so brand new guys going too. It all has to do with numbers, my state didn’t have enough 11bs to fill the roster so we pulled from other states and took any new guys we could. As long as your unit isn’t a bunch of scumbag “fuck the new guy” types you’ll have fun and make some really good friends and gain good experience. Bottom line is it varies by state/leadership and numbers

  4. Update: Trip was awesome, super fun experience. A few things I noticed that differ from America was 1: The prices were much lower on most things here after converting to USD. 2: the American restaurants had tons of Americans at them which made me chuckle because now I understand how people from other countries feel when they come to the US and see a restaurant they recognize and frequent it more than local places. 3: People seem to be intimidated by language barrier and almost seem too embarrassed to try their English skills. A few friends and I went to a Turkish restaurant in the Souq at the avenues mall and the waiter was very friendly and welcoming but got really embarrassed when he could not remember a word in English. I was very impressed with the food and his efforts so I left a rather large tip in KD along with some American dollars just in case he thought it was cool, i wasn’t sure how common dollars are here. 4: I could not believe how quiet it was in the mall! Tons of people but the children seemed very well behaved and adults quietly spoke and nobody made any noise basically. In the US I’ve never been to a mall where you didn’t constantly hear the background roar of conversation and music playing and kids yelling and running around everywhere. It was very refreshing actually. 5: The traffic conditions were absolutely awful. The whole time felt like a fight for my life to get from one place to another. That’s all I’ll list for now, but if anyone has questions I’m here to answer

  5. It’s encouraged to negotiate at the “souq”. Departmental stores are fixed prices. Credit Cards are technically accepted but majority of the merchants will not accept it because it carries extra fees for them. The Debit card of choice is KNET but I guess you won’t have one. Carry cash, it’s accepted everywhere and it’s safe to carry here. Try the shawarma, flafel sandwich, fatayer, kebabs, even the mainstream fast food tastes better (imo). Kuwait is a very safe country so don’t be afraid to walk around, explore and chat. Have fun!

  6. Are Americans treated any certain way? I’ve been to some countries where they hate us and some where they love us.

  7. Little late to the spooky party, but here's one (not mine, but my old section sergeant's). Posted this in the last spooky thread. For this story, let's call him Benny.

  8. The fact that a specialist told you to unwizard your sleeves means he doesn’t deserve the shield of power

  9. He has betrayed his oath to the council. His punishment shall be an eternity at the rank of corporal.

  10. I'm sorry, but what's suprising about someone being a Latina in the South? Compared to the US, Latin American countries are... to the South, no? Southern states on the border and all?

  11. I would dare to say maybe you’re reading this book and trying to bring your own feelings too much into it. Maybe the author purposely left that side of the story out to show that the people living in the south back then suffered loss and pain from the supposedly benevolent union army everyone thinks of them as. Don’t get me wrong here, slavery was terrible and the freeing of slaves was a spectacular win for human equality. I do feel that a story that is more than just “all southerners are evil because slavery” has its place in historical fiction and maybe this type of story is not for you as a reader, which is absolutely fine. If the main character’s annoying behavior is too much for you, quit reading. If you can get past his foolishness I would encourage you to continue reading and try to have a more open mind to the civil war that isn’t just focused on the slavery aspect.

  12. 11B osut was pretty challenging physically but definitely not a very brain power intensive time. We had one guy who legitimately scored a 28 on the asvab (I saw his paperwork) and was the human incarnation of Patrick Star from SpongeBob. We once convinced him he was dreaming and hadn’t actually left for basic yet and he believed us for 3 days of red phase until we finally felt guilty enough to tell him the truth. He could physically do all stuff and shot better than most guys so they gladly passed him through to the waiting arms of his first team leader. If you’re concerned about the intelligence necessary, you’ll be fine as long as you can follow simple instructions. Physically though, you’ll be pushed hard but pretty much as long as you don’t quit and show effort they’ll help you get where you need to be. Lose the weight and as soon as you’re at that 22% BMI go for it. Your recruiter should be willing to help you achieve your weight loss goals and do a BMI test as often as you like. I was a fat fuck, but managed to cut just under 100lbs over a year in order to join. It wasn’t healthy but it was necessary to achieve my goal and I don’t regret it at all. Go 11B though, cav scouts are the worst.

  13. 12b Is combat engineer, 19d is cav scouts

  14. Case and point for not having to be too bright to be infantry lol. You’re correct though, thank you.

  15. Use commander open door policy. Go talk to someone of higher rank than the RSP cadre.

  16. My state will straight up hold a formation at every drill to promote a e2-e3. At AT we had 3 promotion formations because people hit their Tis or whatever on that day. Was wild

  17. How is the best way to get a PCT while in? About to deploy and want to get the most from workouts over there. Civilian doc? Can you use a mil doc?

  18. I mean honestly what do you do all day? Sit around and surf Reddit? Do you like exercise? Cool! The army will pay you to exercise. Do you like computers? Cool! The army will pay you to computer all day. Do you like nature? Cool! The infantry spends a ton of time bonding with nature. Want a career with benefits and your own place? Cool! Like I can almost guarantee whatever your personal interests are, the army can find you a job somewhat related if not exactly that. It’s not this awful shit show of getting screamed at all the time and getting shot at. Hollywood does us very few favors in the way of recruitment for non-combat arms jobs. On the other hand do you want to go shoot bad guys in the face? Go the SF route or just join the infantry and wait for China or Russia to fuck around and find out. I joined about 2 years ago at 24 after working a lot of dumb jobs, going to nursing school and doing cool medical stuff for a few years and just realized I wanted more so I called up a recruiter and joined the national guard. Here I am deployed (volunteered because I want the VA loan) and loving every second of it. Do something cool with your life, even if it’s just for a few years at least you have something on your resume that isn’t unskilled place holder jobs. I promise you’ll meet plenty of people who like the same things you do and will have time to crawl around Reddit in your free time. Sometimes people just need a little push to get started in life and the army can help with that push.

  19. Had to google it too, Not employed, in education, or training

  20. Do you feel like the institution helped? What sort of treatment was given besides med stabilization and monitoring of safety? I was a psych nurse in a pediatric inpatient facility and also in an adult jail (acute psych max security) for a good long while and it never seemed like anyone got any real help.

  21. What can I sayyyy except you’re welcome! Sorry I had to

  22. Have you ever considered that being ace is some sort of mental condition? A hormonal or neurochemical imbalance? Like the drive to mate and reproduce is a driving factor for all life on earth (except maybe sponges or other asexual life) and the desire to do the opposite is.. sorry for the crude choice of wording.. but unnatural? Serious question I’ve always wondered

  23. Also maybe, 9155668389 and (915) 208-7988

  24. First number goes to a scam, their sales pitch changes every time I call back. Second number is disconnected. On the bright side, I got some really cheap viagra

  25. Would go something like this: • guard members will receive a hastily typed text from their first line to gear up and report to armory in 2 hours because there are giant spiders attacking • 1/4 of SM will assume it’s a drunk text or a joke and go back to sleep • 1/4 of SM will send starship troopers gifs to the group chat while digging out their IOTV from the crawl space and stuffing their rucks with hi-chews/any tobacco product • 1/8th of SM will show up to the armory still drunk with a laundry bag full of uniforms that haven’t been washed since before AT and complain about how they still haven’t been paid for last drill • 7 privates, 2 specialists and all the PLs will go to the wrong armory because they weren’t sent the address and were too afraid to look dumb and ask which armory • the remaining SM who are ready to go and squared away will sign hand receipts for items supply doesn’t have enough of, will PMCS the LMTVs and begin loading up • commander will make a speech about doing their duty and to remember they represent the guard so keep your hands off the female soldiers on the ride • 1sgt will grumble something about not fucking this up and go wait in the humvee for his E2 driver to finish being smoked by a salty 17 year E6 • group text says weapons will be issued from the vault in 15 minutes, guy who can unlock the vault is nowhere to be found • unload trucks and wait in line (roster number order of course) for 43 minutes • every private all at once “I left my CCO on and now the battery is dead” • back on the trucks • finally roll out and get to staging area, everyone unloads • Top says “FALL IN” takes company 4 minutes to properly organize into a formation • really hooah guy gets an award for volunteering for every chow detail at last years AT and 2 privates make E3 • stand at attention for 9 minutes while commander does a news interview, fat e4 locks his knees and passes out • spiders hop the barricades and eat all of us because we forgot to do a risk assessment

  26. Weed is a bad idea. Yeah you might sleep a bit but in my opinion it’s the same as drinking alcohol to fall asleep or deal with mental health issues. It gets you nowhere in the end. Ask for some vistaril (kinda like stronger Benadryl when it comes to sleep but good for anxiety as well) or another sleeping medication. Meds for depression work, you just have to find the right one and let it have time to work. I’ve never met anyone who honestly can say smoking weed fixed or helped their issues, they usually just stay so fucked up they’re numb to everything which is no way to live. Good luck man, reach out to your buddies or the chaplain. Don’t let this beat you.

  27. What is the joke behind that though? I’m lost as the LT at night

  28. Must be the California national guard or something….in my state we don’t give a fuck if your vaccinated or un vaccinated….who the fuck cares….

  29. My unit is set to deploy soon to the Middle East and the country we’re flying into won’t accept anyone unvaccinated. We have a dozen or so dudes who refuse to get it for whatever reason. Current word is that they’ll be takin off the DMD and commander wants to charge them with failure to follow a command directive and kick them out. Currently at AT and they’re getting shit on with every lame detail, one guy got his promotion to e5 taken because they found out he was a antivaxxer right before the promotion ceremony. Just get the damn shot people.

  30. Yeah wtf is that rank?? If it’s a cadet, why does he have a deployment patch? I’m so confused (infantrymen so not surprising at all but still)

  31. The real answer to your question is, is she worth the effort

  32. Never talked to anyone in RSP, bro. But, in Basic? In AIT? Once I ACTUALLY got to my unit? Fuck, you’ll find the best battle buddies when you get there.

  33. Looking for the link to the post about battle buddy is cringe af and should only be used in an ironic way

  34. The army is a profession. With professionals. Not a frat house of friends. If you joined up to make intramural sports buddies, I think you got the wrong idea.

  35. I would disagree with this to an extent. Yes, we are professionals but friendships and bonds are very important to unit cohesion and effectiveness. I’m probably not going to be as willing to catch a bullet for a dude that treats me like an asshole with no interest in who I am

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