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  1. they have people with them who know how to do something like that? It seems like that would be a very technical thing to try and do in the best of times, and with the right experts. It certainly does not seem like something to attempt in a war, with a team that seems to be barely competent at holding that territory.

  2. Most likely will threaten Ukrainians to do it.

  3. Why is russia burning fields? What kind of evil does that to random people around the world?

  4. Some angry dude swam from Odessa to Crimea, blew stuff up and then swam back.

  5. Don't like Ireland? Suitcase. Plane. russia/Serbia.

  6. Hey! I've been here as well. I actually couldn't help myself and licked the wall to see if it was actually salt.

  7. Now I know who all these years have been licking those gnomes made of salt.

  8. I was told it's up to 7 year waiting time.... So book the chapel and go on about finding the one to marry :)

  9. Last time I've been there was 8 years ago, so yeah, I'm most likely wrong with the current waiting time.

  10. Personally, I find all the 3 stars worth investing in some way, just because of how simple and cheap to build they are. They do their respective jobs effectively.

  11. I will also add 2* Noir Corne and 4* Gavial with Courier from credit store, also Shaw and Rope for special occasions.

  12. as an avid consumer of both, this is an outrage.

  13. Pretty much all of them. Red, pink, yellow, Black Prince and every hybrid variation in-between.

  14. This will get the Italians involved for sure, Mama needs her fresh tomatoes.

  15. Nice. Can we use it to destroy Crimean bridge?

  16. Destroy it after you've won the war, as a message to future generations to not 'fuck around and find out.' Then, Putin's humiliation will be complete.

  17. Sweet! Are there any additional idiots that need to leave as well? Old news. The wrong person resigned. Regrettable.

  18. It's the leader of Ukrainian branch of Amnesty International who's leaving the organisation. She, and her team, were constantly ignored by the head office regarding that particular article. So it's a boycott from those who were ignored and not an apology from the guilty.

  19. Say what you will about these liquidated Nazi orcs, they at least were members of the pcmasterrace instead of console plebes.

  20. I’m so sick of this “China tech” trope. I feel like it started because a lot of kids of Asian immigrants are smart. Because it’s the fucking smart people that leave shitholes like China.

  21. Well, the same was said about russian tech....

  22. That's the driver of the bus. He got pissed and went out to scare off the floppy nugget man.

  23. I refuse to feel bad for him. Did he turn himself in when Liza was killed?

  24. Everyone who got POWed during the first month as: "I didn't know", "We were on the training and then I woke up at n city" , or really dropped weapons and went to surrender can be considered legitimate. After 1st month, they all knew what is going on, even those who claim to willingly surrender, did so because they had little choice (surrounded/no ammo etc.).

  25. I think that doesn’t take into account how skewed and manipulated the information the Russian soldiers rank and file are getting. The people at the top are only letting them see pro-Russian propaganda, so especially for the young and idealistic, they really may think that they are the good guys until they see something firsthand that contradicts that.

  26. That's the point. russian soldiers had an abundance of evidence during first month to understand that their cause is not "righteous". Mind you, I gave a 1 month period for brainwashed russians to come to correct conclusions, a person who wasn't brainwashed, should figure this out within 1st week.

  27. They've made enemies for generations. What in God's name were they thinking.

  28. That they will conquer Ukraine in 3-4 days and the re-establishment of Soviet Union can begin.

  29. This deep in Russia, in the middle of the second most watchful police state? Nah man odds are this is a occurrence due to a pissed or negligent employee. Though it is fun thinking of a real life Ukrainian Jame Bond throwing on a reflective vest and work cloths and just doing a casual act of arsen in a warehouse.

  30. Most likely russians trying to hide the act of embezzlement.

  31. Tbh if Ukraine finally gains some territory back even if at the cost of another Chernobyl. So be it.

  32. It's the biggest NPP in Europe. Although it has more safeguards than Chornobyl NPP, if it suffers the same fate, the consequences would be at least 6x worse.

  33. Makes ya wonder, if this thing started a meltdown, would the West be forced to get involved?

  34. Chornobyl NPP disaster heavily affected the rest of Europe, so my guess is - yeah, the West will get involved much more proactively.

  35. USA had to pull equipment from the other side of the globe, while russia failed to establish logistics across flat field patch with its neighbour.

  36. School graduates will compensate the lack of drunk bodies in the fountains.

  37. Would be cool, IMO. And as for cultural incompatibility, I hear Kazakhstan got one of the most liberal/secularized Muslims in the entire world.

  38. They have pretty much the same values and social norms as any European country.

  39. Not all Russians are pro war, allowing educated Russians to uproot and leave should be allowed and encouraged. Tourist visa / education visas I'd be happy to ban, but people leaving is actually a positive, they can't be drafted, they can't be called on to help in war industry, and their skillset is gone and it helps reduce economic activity further

  40. Those who do not support war, can apply for asylum/refugee status. If russians leave for EU to support war from there, that's not a good thing.

  41. Simple, if you rightly believe it's sovereign Ukranian ground and are ok with that then stay. If you believe it's Russia's property then please go back to Russia.

  42. There won't be any "please" this time, that train already left in 2014. It will go the same way as the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia after WWII.

  43. We should also add couple of extra questions to the visa application form. Do you support Russia’s offensive war in Ukraine? Have you or any of your extended family members perpetrated acts that constitute as war crimes under international law in Ukraine or elsewhere?

  44. Back when it all started and Ukrainians fled to EU, countries made a number of exemptions for them, they only had to show the Ukrainian passport. Very soon I saw a bunch of videos from russians who lived in EU for some time, they shared some "life hacks": "put a Ukrainian passport cover over your russian passport to get free public transport rides" or "put a Ukrainian flag over your car plates to get free parking". Even living in EU, they continue to lie and to steal.

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