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  1. Count me in, love these products, I hope I can win!

  2. Id just get the Aston now while it's cheap. There's a chance it may go up in price. The RB is already costing a lot and that's not gonna chance. That 500 left to buy may become 800 by the time you get there. The Aston's price can only go up and not down so get it while it's low.

  3. That's right, they did update it, but to the 2022 version with the new hairpin in sector 3.

  4. Ah so does that mean we will only get the removed chicane next year?

  5. Yeah, it's certainly an interesting idea, hopefully it's good for racing in general and for us.

  6. What I'm worried about is how the sprint becomes one separate event, which has no influence on the grand prix. And given much less time to prepare compared to before, teams might go conservative and our viewer experience may not necessarily have improved

  7. STROLL L.(AST)- Am I a joke to you?

  8. So much sand that the grains at the bottom would compress together under the massive weight and form gravel.

  9. Probs even more accurate would be “greatest of this time”, but GOTT doesn’t have the same ring to it 🤣

  10. If you already have the Ferrari and have coins to spare for the RB, absolutely get it

  11. Lol I wouldn't jump to this conclusion that early. The teams irl haven't even released their showcars yet! We will have to see car performance for the first few races irl, then be able to make decisions, because unless the devs change, they will price the cars based on the current season performance.

  12. Paul Ricard, but every lap is a different layout

  13. Hey man, game is back under maintenance, I’m laughing in pain rn


  15. Considering I and O are so close to each other on the keyboard

  16. I’ve always seen an uzi sub machine gun thing

  17. Also, Paul Ricard looks like a sniper, and Monza like a pistol

  18. I would imagine Brands Hatch not being a great place to race for modern cars.

  19. Only time will tell when 2024, 2025 comes, because those are the years McLaren is focusing on. Hopefully he gets a shot at bigger prizes

  20. Quick question. Based on your experience, should I focus on upgrading the chassis first, or the parts?

  21. And so begins the 2023 fight...

  22. He literally got rid of his girlfriend, and then posted a training story afterwards

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