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  1. It didn’t go right away. All media reports say he will sign it as soon as it hits his desk. It has to be signed within 10 day but also while Congress is in session. Meaning before they recess. They can stall till end of December which gives stocks price more time to decay. I DCA a little each day but holding cash for a big dip to signal the news is coming.

  2. This bill is already accounted for in the stock price. Once it passed the senate it bumped the stock.

  3. I thought I heard irwin say that most of his retail investors only hold less than 500 shares… I wonder where he got that number from.

  4. I’m honestly shocked that the cannabis stocks aren’t flying high like crazy right now because of this news. We’ve seen this all along these past several years when news like this comes out. There’s a big pump… however, it’s been pretty silent as of late.

  5. Because shorts dumping price to make more when it goes up

  6. He will sign it on Wednesday or Friday after all the prices collapse!

  7. Clearly not happening today. Market say’s November 4

  8. Irwin Simon and his legal team are for sure pulling an all-nighter to follow in canopy's shoes to restructure around this concept. Any LP with a management team not completely incompetent (damn, that may be a small list lol) is for sure working the process to similarly restructure asap. This could be a gold-rush situation.

  9. Tilray is already doing it. They are all working together now that opportunities are opening up. Like Microsoft and apple. There is room for two top dogs.

  10. Can anyone unpack what exactly they want is to vote on again.

  11. No but they are pushing a shareholder vote again.

  12. Why did PPI come out before the CPI? Feel like they trying the insight selling. Probably dead wrong but I think we rally tomorrow.

  13. I feel like there would have been a huge rally today if the numbers were coming in hot. They always pump the market before a dump. Bought TQQQ

  14. I’ve heard they are going to be incredible Tilray has top Position number one in market share in Canada so I don’t know where you get your info from ??

  15. Was I right? Nice surprise with the Biden news but you had to sell the pop because it was all planned. Friday morning before a three day weekend plus if you read predictions on the earnings it was going to dip. Check out the YouTube channel videos for the POW group.

  16. 150K at 8$. Been buying since the merger. Not nervous at all.

  17. It’s going to go down so institutions can buy before it goes up

  18. Everyone loves cannibus ... except me since I sold it all at 3.03 yesterday

  19. Oh man! It will dip again moving up to the midterms.

  20. TLRY because earnings Friday and lots of positive news. Heavily manipulated for the last 14 months.

  21. They don’t own it. Like a bank loan, they would have to default. Best case scenario is a merger. Both companies win. Hexo has expressed interest.

  22. They don’t own HEXO. They just bought some of its debt.

  23. All the negative media on Reddit for Cannibus stocks just it clear that SAFE is coming and Wall Street driving prices down so they can take over cheap. Negativity very bullish!

  24. And the conservatives are coming out with opposing legislation but they are the minority. They must know SAFE+ is coming!!!!!

  25. Yep and they want to be able to buy it cheap and they have the inside info.

  26. His trust is invested in constellation brands which has a huge investment in Canopy. CGC and TLRY are running head to head. Buying more CGC this week.

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