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  1. I've lived abroad a lot. The division of American and European food is hilarious as the American one is just salt and sugar usually.

  2. The #metoo movement was never about just empowering women. The point was to highlight how common sexual abuse and harassment are in our culture. Since the point is that she abused him, she hasn't done anything to the movement.

  3. Are you talking about my comment, or the original post?

  4. I am one of them, when someone mentions something that happened 20 years ago I think of the late 80s/early 90s then it dawns on me,I am just old now

  5. Don't dare reference NATO expansion now that the hearts and minds were won over through propaganda and selective distribution.

  6. Just a typical Dutch guy here. Farmer's markets are not really a thing here but that's not the thing. I see ppl here mentioning paying up to $15 for a loaf of bread. What is the normal price in the supermarket for a loaf of bread I wonder?

  7. The world changed. Variables are not fixed. Mosquitos are only as fast as mosquitos because mosquitos are as fast as mosquitos.

  8. It's disgusting when you think about if they wipe their ass properly

  9. I totally agree with this. There has to be blood on the ass or shit on the nails unless the use the side of their hand. Like....... They can't properly wipe their ass. No way.

  10. Lol. You sound like you've never been to Japan. They have mother's there too you know. Idiot.

  11. Their own. On their birthday. Lol. (Not every year). The point is they are people. Not another species.

  12. You mean in life right ? Lol.... There's often no choice there my young friend. And who you really are has fuck all to do with it.

  13. Ya bro. I wouldn't put up with that. Pretty toxic and kinda a waste of your time lol. Then again I don't know yalls history and what you two have been through together. Some dudes like relationships like that though.

  14. Oh 911 the building thing haha. Thought you were on about a band or group.

  15. Go for it but it’ll be a bit trickier. You’re both adults but she is a young adult while you’re almost middle age. She is probably into different things then you are, and had different experiences growing up. You won’t be able to bond on shows you watched, movies from when you were a kid, generational things like first phones or getting social media.

  16. We are not American haha. Tastes are a bit more varied here where as I get the impression this stuff would be super important in the US.

  17. You should trust him and maybe get fit. Sounds like he good inspiration and support for him.... And know.....use what you got :)

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