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  1. Conservatives: what's with all of these illegal immigrants coming over the southern border? Why don't they stay and fix their own Latin American countries?

  2. Tankies when they visit North Korea and their comrades the customs agents confiscate their passports seize their means of transportation

  3. Remind me how quick the right was to rant about LGBTQ people the very second the claim of the killer being non-binary was being thrown around. But sure, it's the libs who prioritize political utility in the face of tragedy.

  4. Wait, has anyone ever claimed that Judaism was a sex-positive religion?

  5. Amazing that the incels' own logic would show that women are way smarter than they claim if they gave a shit about logic

  6. "It's not my fault that I'm pushing rope, it must be the vaccine's fault somehow"

  7. Ain't no goddamn way I'm eating Blonde Voldemort's unseasoned salmonella factory of a turkey

  8. • Is happy with denying women control over their sexual health, screeches at the warped perception of having control over their sexual health taken away

  9. Whatever she's making in that bowl (looks like cornbread), that is way too much butter. That's gonna be some soggy baked goods, I'll tell ya hwat.

  10. All-butter pie crust, I assume. Mine actually uses two sticks, but you have to keep it cold and cut it in fast and not let it soften.

  11. I assumed so after I made the comment, big is this pie supposed to be? That doesn't look like enough materials for a crust.

  12. Isn't that kinda mean? Give the guy a chance to change and prove himself, don't do what the people on that forum are doing, please. Don't tear someone down for trying to go in a better direction.

  13. I'll believe it when I see it. It's always nice to see incels bettering themselves, it's also well known that incels on .is will say a lot of things just to garner attention. I hope that he's actually leaving the forum, but I'd be lying if I said that I was optimistic about the follow through and, I don't blame others for doubting as well.

  14. Waiting for Matt Walsh's pearl clutching tweet about how Charlie Kirk is pouncing on an opportunity to use a tragic loss of life to demonize anyone who doesn't adhere to a gender binary. Should come through any minute now.

  15. Nothing builds trust in your family like your mom sneaking into your room while you're sleeping to stuff food into your socks instead of calling the goddamn doctor.

  16. I wonder if contrarians ever get tired of being contrarian. I mean, it must take a lot of work to be consistently and obviously wrong about everything all the time.

  17. So apparently guns don't make children safer when it's "the libs" using them? But tell me again about how arming teachers in schools is the only way to prevent school shootings.

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