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  1. Looking at the dates on “Special Pricing” bud deals seems to me an overproduction problem.

  2. It’s 100% overproduction. It creates a catch 22 in which value shoppers buy that which in turn makes your expensive stuff not sell and age into a price drop of its own and the cycle continues.

  3. Is this why sira is perpetually doing 30% off days now? It feels like a more frequent thing for them now to throw down 30 off the store

  4. Commcan just restructured pricing as well. It’s early onset saturation butting heads with people not spending so wildly with current market conditions.

  5. A 2.9 is par for the course given how bad the pay is within the industry. Most production jobs are horribly robotic and those coming into the industry because they like weed are often rudely awoken by spending 8 hours a day putting 15 stickers on every package. I saw the same thing constantly working in beer.

  6. I worked in a PC repair shop for a while, any time we had a computer with something foul on it we would just quietly call the police and hand them the PC when they got there. It happened way more times than I ever expected it would. 'Please don't look in the folder named 'child porn' on my desktop' ain't worth shit lol. I'm not going to go hunting for it, but if it pops up on your desktop it's kinda unavoidable.

  7. Was a hardware tech in college, 99% of my time was moving data over to new hard drives after beer got spilled on a laptop.

  8. What was the most egregious thing(s) you've seen in that time?

  9. Nothing weird, just tons of porn people thought they were artfully hiding in folders with clearly fake names

  10. Curious to see how pouring Guinness off a standard tap plays out

  11. So it’s basically preventing entrepreneurs from opening their own storefronts who don’t want to produce a product?

  12. Yup. Vertical integration is fantastic if you’re super wealthy and can afford to effectively internalize all the costs of production from seed to sale. Issue is it only helps the rich get richer as a ton of people run the operation for minimum to barely livable wages and further proliferates the issues of the industry

  13. How the fuck are you not gonna go to Hudson Valley Brewery, one of the best breweries in America, while in Hudson Valley!? I’m honestly pissed off at this post …

  14. They pigeonholed themselves into a really strange demo by leaning so heavily into the sour ipa thing. I’ll also never forget the “wood water” thing they did briefly when seltzer started booming.

  15. I just got the text about this. I wish they would make this their permanent pricing.

  16. Keep only buying the cheap stuff. It might have some less than ideal results up front but it will force the market downward as higher priced stuff ages out

  17. They let you use a ton of the property outside with a beer in hand. Broken glass would be a massive liability. Way lesser of two evils

  18. Also if you buy a glass from them, they will pour one of your beers into it (or both if you only get one pour and then wait in line again for your second)

  19. Now remembering back to their first weeks in Charlton and recall them posting something like nearly 400 glasses were stolen the first weekend they were open so I imagine it’s also a theft deterrent

  20. They take their highly sophisticated public transit systems that weren’t intentionally destroyed by their domestic auto makers. We only drive everywhere because GM and Ford made sure there was no real alternative

  21. Not being able to call someone a cunt when they’re a cunt

  22. Very open cunt policy in our household. You act like a cunt, you’re getting called a cunt. Offended? Then don’t be such a cunt.

  23. Pretty easy to ditch FB when my entire generation seems to have done it anyway. It’s just boomers posting minions memes and fake incendiary headlines about shit that doesn’t even concern them.

  24. No but you come out of the womb with full developed eyes so they tend to appear bigger on younger people before you finish growing

  25. I don’t think it’s a bubble, but breweries (especially small) are going to be facing some pretty serious pricing pressures due to raw material cost. I don’t think their is an unlimited ceiling on the price of a pint, and I definitely don’t want to pay $8 for a subpar beer.

  26. It’s more doom and gloom than you think. A ton of breweries really only made it through Covid by taking on very cheap low interest capital. Even successful ones used the opportunity to do it for remodeling or expansion projects.

  27. The cleaning option on the oven doesn’t really self clean

  28. Also a good oven won’t let you open the door for some time after the cleaning cycle because of just how hot it is inside.

  29. There isn’t, that’s MA for you. All concentrates should be refrigerated when stored IMO as I do with my own

  30. The lack of cold chain distribution is a major hinderance for this whole beverage boom as well. So long as is looks like an apple store inside and the vault is big enough to exist nothing else seems to matter on the retail side

  31. I should have been a sound engineer. $12k to write a report that our emergency generator can’t be heard at the property line.

  32. I’m in LA and was hoping to move to Boston, so I can escape this smog and car ridden hell

  33. Boston was built in chunks due to back filling of the harbor so there is no semblance of city planning. Public transit is an absolute joke as well, trains stop running before midnight

  34. I'm sorry but if you think Boston public transit is a joke I invite you to meet literally the rest of the U.S. except NY, Chicago, and DC lol

  35. It’s in general a joke in the US due in part to to proliferation of domestic automakers. GM was literally burning cable cars out in Cali. Using public transit in Europe was definitely eye opening to what we would’ve had if this country ever decided to make the right decision instead of the one that makes the most money

  36. You cant tell the difference between a 10 dollar bottle of wine and 100 dollar bottle ? The cheap shit you can tell is far less complex.

  37. I’ve enjoyed so many $12-15 bottles compared to ones I’ve paid $60-100 for.

  38. There are clear laws surrounding inebriation and culpability with alcohol and tobacco is a stimulant. Allowing you to light a cigar is a great way to keep you around for the entirety of that cigar as well. It’s really not all that surprising that they wouldn’t allow something capable of slowing the player or the tables down as they pump pure O2 into the HVAC to keep you awake and not yawning

  39. yeah booze is also a depressant too, exactly what I want on my floor where I'm now required by law in most states to advertise suicide hotlines...

  40. I totally agree, I just think the decision stems more from liability and legislature surrounding alcohol being very clear when weed doesn’t really have such clarity given its federal status.

  41. Totally, anything over an inch or so seems aggressive though. It’s a genuine hinderance to your day and ability to do shit, I just don’t get it

  42. Considering it seems to be coming from a guy’s twitter, yea seems pretty fake

  43. How do you guarantee comparable dosage from piece to piece given the inconsistency of the crumbles you seem to be using?

  44. Just a guess here but probably because there is 0mg of THC in any of those toppings, and it's all infused in the chocolate bar itself.

  45. Not what I mean exactly, let me explain it a bit better. When you simply top the chocolate with uninfused ingredients that means 100% of what filled your bar mold was infused chocolate so there’s no real concern about how many mg’s you’re getting from piece to piece assuming their production SOPs are decent.

  46. Ahh see you were “hoping” when you should have been “thoughtsing”.

  47. I registered the highest WISC score in my state and was 99th percentile in all 3 rounds of the state-administered standardized tests we were subjected to in K-12. Famously got high in the bathroom before the 3rd round that has a massive impact on your in-state college prospects. This was after I got out, picked up a second arrest and was actively on probation. I cheated every drug test and got away with it. I got a scholarship with my results and never paid a dime of tuition.

  48. I feel like he went from being the same age he was in Goodfellas for decades and then his hair went grey immediately after the first piece of Chantix entered his body

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