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  1. That won't solve the problem. That will cause the problem to get worse. We need to impeach and vote.......

  2. It's honesty and cringe together. Ya gotta respect him being up front, but at the same time vomit

  3. That’s what I’m saying. I told her that if she wants to be friends with them and all that I’m not going to tell her what she can and can’t do but I’d need her respect in any situation as I do for her. But you’re doing things that put question marks in my head yet accusing me is just not it.

  4. NTA. This shouldn't even be a question on whether you're an asshole for going through his phone. If you want a direct answer then no, I don't think so and I think you were innocently trying to delete the photo. Thats beyond the point. If your bf took a pornographic video of you without your consent then that's incredibly wrong and I'd assume illegal in most states. Hopefully he was just stupidly keeping it for his personal enjoyment, but that doesn't make it okay. If he didn't have your permission then what he's done is wrong and unacceptable. I wouldn't trust this person as he should know where boundaries lie.

  5. After 37 consecutive minutes of gay porn the government will send you your Gay Welcoming Packet which lists your duties, what you can and can't do under the law of gay, and an index in the back to define terms like "bussy". If you haven't received yours, call your governors office to make sure your address is correct or let them know the mail has yet to arrive.

  6. Yeah, that's just someone in pain and dumping their feelings anywhere they can.

  7. I am baffled on the comment of having to financially care for the child.

  8. This post is fake, I see that now. But no, this is not a legal option.

  9. Thats crazy. I learned something new. Google said in some states if you are married and already begin acting as the father as far as care, finance, bonding, etc. Then yes you have to do child support. That absolutely blows my mind!

  10. In thinking dialysis, which if he's a heavy drinker.... Usually dialysis is a 4 hour session, but tends to be a few times a week.

  11. Highly doubt this. It seems he made up something in effort for sympathy to guilt OP into coming back to him. This is a common manipulation that comes in many forms. If he really needed dialysis then that would have been sufficient to guilt her. Cancer was an "easier" lie since it can have so many forms, change, not have physical symptoms, etc.

  12. If they’re in the US, sadly the guy is legally the father and on the hook for child support regardless of biology cuz they’re married.

  13. I am 100% sure in all of the US if they’re married and she has a child it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t sign the birth certificate, he is assumed the father. If you ever know of anyone in that situation, advise them to divorce stat.

  14. Assumed the father, but can he simply not fight that with a paternity test?

  15. that’s what i was thinking but he keeps saying he’s going to value me this time around but it’s just hard to believe

  16. Absolutely not. He missed his chance to value you. Remember your worth.

  17. I'm absolutely curious to know the real reasoning he is hiding you and denying the baby to be his. Is he financially supporting you? Him not signing the birth certificate is insane to me. Usually that only comes in the territory to deny for legal/ financial implications.

  18. No, he is not financially supporting us. He bought her a bottle of Tylenol a few months ago, but nothing since then. And he has only held her once. Like, he comes to visit sometimes and I bring the baby to visit him whenever we can, but he doesn’t usually interact with her at all. I know he isn’t married or anything (his Facebook is very public and he makes it very obvious he is single).

  19. Depending on if you want the financial benefit for your child, you should have him designated legally as the father. I think this can lead to some emotional damage for the child down the road when some truths come out about this man, but you haven't cut him out of her life already so I don't see much difference. After that is done then I'd tell his mother and see if you can form a bond with her. Id cut him out completely though. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a very bad person. A 40 year old sleeping with an 18yo -being in a teaching role in children's lives? Absolutely not.

  20. Info: what is the size of your Pepe? You say above average, but I've only known them to be 8" at Jimmy John's unless they're cutting it is a bit off. 🤔

  21. Absolutely end the relationship with him. No one should treat their partner that way. That explosive anger is a very aggressive warming sign of things to come.

  22. Only if you're prepared to explain yourself and be ready to meet. This is an introduction. Of course he wants to meet a potential partner in real life and see if he's interested. You made him feel as if you aren't interested so you have to correct that.

  23. Let me explain the joke to you. It is Mr and Mrs Black that live on Sycamore Street. They're getting car insurance when people from Mexico emigrate into their neighborhood. Partly, because you can save some time by getting Geico online, but mostly because they're racist.

  24. Wrong Wendy. If she were the right one she would have interrupted you 4 times before you got the whole message out.

  25. Info: How long did you know each other at the point of her making fun of you?

  26. We worked together so we knew each other for months, but we had only been talking for about a week.

  27. I think you're being unrealistic. You're upset a 20yo participated in having sex with you while you had whiskey dick and then described your dick to her friends?

  28. Definitely feel like you should just openly say what you feel. Address that you sense she's uneasy about the shirt and seems off and ask her why she feels that way. It'd be a bad sign if she gets defensive.

  29. They don’t want you to know that you can eat a whole box of Benadryl and you won’t get sick or die, you’ll just see some weird shit.

  30. Ehh...subjective on box size and body weight. 12 to 24. Sure. 100? Not so much.

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