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LIVE AEW Dynamite 1/19/22 Discussion

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  1. It's been a while since I played it, but I remember thinking that it felt very unpolished. For example most NPCs felt very samey. I directly compared it to the GBA Harvest Moon game as that was the most similar game I had played, and that game had much variation between every character. Just overall it felt like a very cheap game, impressive as it was for such a small team. But it sounds like it's a more complete game nowadays.

  2. I agree on the characters, for a game that seemingly puts so much emphasis on being social and making friends, the townsfolk are pretty 2 dimensional outside of their heart events. The game could have used a dedicated writer or something to flesh out all these interactions.

  3. Yeah I was in that position for Shang-Chi. It sucks. The waiting itself is fine, but you pretty much have to disengage from online forums if you want to avoid spoilers, and disconnect from the MCU a bit. For NWH it’d be that times a thousand. My sympathies to people in that situation.

  4. I didn't even bother avoiding the spoilers for Spider-man, once they sent out word that the restrictions were hitting the theatres I knew I wasn't seeing it until it came to streaming I just looked up the plot. It all got spoiled anyways.

  5. Have you ever seen Hard boiled? The action in that film blows T2 completely out of the water and it gest my vote for best action movie ever made.

  6. I think Hard Boiled is silly as fuck and a totally over-the-top action movie. I much prefer T2, it's a lot more intense and visceral.

  7. I just don't care for the silliness of it. Part of why I love T2 is because it just feels so bleak and unrelenting, like it starts and then it just never stops until it's over.

  8. I would love to go on a trip right now but I wouldn't because I can't afford potentially getting COVID while gone and being forced to quarantine for however long in some foreign country.

  9. I never saw Spider-Man because of the restrictions. So I stopped caring about spoilers.

  10. At this point I'm just keeping my eye out on torrent sites, I've given up hoping I can see it in theatres without these bullshit restrictions. Hopefully Spiderman shows up there soon.

  11. Yeah they cancelled last time they came around my area! That was 4 years ago! It's been too long. In fact, Opeth did too! What the frick!

  12. I worked with the crew on this doing things for them and they were the most miserable bunch of whiny, stuck up assholes I've ever met. I have boycott this movie as a result and no amount of Martin Scosese praise will make me watch this.

  13. Yep, they constantly complained and always dropped Del Toro's name to try and get me to give them special treatment, as if they're the only film shooting with a known director in the city and they're so much more important.

  14. Damn I'm the opposite, I usually listen up to when the ad reads are done then turn it off because I get so tired of hearing these lonely people writing in to Bill basically begging him to agree with their shitty opinions, only for him to completely disagree and shit on them.

  15. If you knew him in real life you probably would think he did sound that way. Since he's a famous comedian whose opinion you actively seek out I imagine most people expect that and enjoy it. If people had to hear his ridiculous complaints unsolicited all the time it would be different.

  16. Why is this dude over?. All his matches have been against nobodies. Nothing even interesting has happened with his character. Why do you lose your minds over him? I literally don't get it.

  17. I don't either man, but it looks like we're just going to have to grin and bear this guy for a while unfortunately.

  18. He also said John C McGinley was the only funny person on Scrubs, don't listen to this man.

  19. I came to Zelda with OOT when I was like 3, but became a huge fan over the years.. I absolutely love the original game, OOT, A Link to the Past, Wind Waker, and A Link Between Worlds. BOTW is pretty good and probably the best game, it’s just not my personal favourite.

  20. BotW is a good game but I think it's a bad Zelda game. I went into it expecting something different and I personally was disappointed.

  21. This is so fucking stupid. I feel bad for Ontario sports fans. There’s no good reason for this other than PR.

  22. And the clown ass who is in charge is probably going to get elected again. Whoopee.

  23. Why would people want to be living in Toronto or Vancouver? There are so many cities with the same opportunities that are cheaper. I can find a house in my city for like 250,000. I just don’t get it.

  24. What are the cities in Canada with the same job opportunities as Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal? Seems like it's great if you work a trade or want to work in a warehouse but otherwise you're stuck in the major cities.

  25. I will admit I am ignorant of what jobs are available in those cities in terms of industry, not specific company head offices. I could imagine if you’re wanting to work for a specific big corporation you’d want to live there I guess.

  26. I'm just saying I work in film and I'm pretty out of luck outside of those major city centers. I am looking at a career change though.

  27. That's what I was thinking too. Is it that easy to get into this country? We're taking Uber drivers?

  28. OP has to be trolling. It does 0 damage so it's not hard to get close and see what dino it is

  29. I'm fairly certain OP is around 10 years old and probably doesn't know how to use the internet well, gotta give em time to learn.

  30. I dunno why you got downvoted so much. This was kinda sweet. People on the internet usually shit on kids on social media for doing kid things

  31. Lol I didn't even realize this comment got shit on but oh well 🤷‍♂️ I probably upset all the "I'm totally not a kid anymore I'm 14" crowd on here.

  32. excuse me but i believe you'll reach more people if you call it by what they know it as - "the starbucks button". you press it when you get to a starbucks and it grants you a universal free pass for parking

  33. Wasn't Sting retired due to a broken back? What happened to this man that he could come back and fo all this? That was insanity.

  34. LMAO at the big "DARBY ALLEN" sign

  35. Lol I was about to say the same thing. Can't even spell his damn name right.

  36. I'm Canadian and this is news to me

  37. It's more an southern Ontario thing from what I can tell but I'm no jailbird.

  38. I haven't watched a single episode of witcher lol, couldnt care less pal

  39. as i said before, we aren't arguing, you're just wrong

  40. As a Warcraft fan since day 1, hearing the news today made me so happy. Now we actually have a chance of seeing new Warcraft/Starcraft games.

  41. That's my personal wish despite my massive misgivings about this whole acquisition. If this brings more Starcraft games after Activision-Blizzard basically confirmed it's death, then that will be a nice silver-lining.

  42. Is Dale going to be in this? Last I heard the voice actor had kind of gone off the deep end with hard drugs and weird conspiracy theories and that was a few years ago. I don't imagine he's improved in that time.

  43. As long as this leads to a new Starcraft I don't care what happens.

  44. Took a self-imposed snow day today and totally forgot there was an afternoon Wings game. What a pleasant surprise!!

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