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  1. Any snake experts know if there's a snake up there that would just come chomp on my nose for no reason?

  2. I mean if I were Bautista and I was promised "a tragic character whose backstory is deeply intertwined with Thanos who he's sworn revenge on for killing his wife and daughter, plus his species is sorta autistic and terrible at reading social cues or basic metaphors", and what I got was "I think that moving slowly makes me invisible", "HAHAHA I HAVE FAMOUSLY HUGE TURDS" and "I want this funny man!!"... I'd probably be calling it a day by this point too.

  3. Yeah can't say I'm going to miss James Gunn's juvenile sense of humour in future movies. Have fun with endless poopoo peepee jokes in your movies DC. That kind of thing has very diminishing returns.

  4. All taxi and rideshare services in this city suck. Beck is just mad they lost their monopoly on sucking ass.

  5. DP wrote songs for those episodes buthe left before for P&F before Road to Germany, thus no song in that episode. Mort interrupts the start of one with “dammit, will you two just get in the fucking time machine?!”

  6. Explains why all the Family Guy songs after he left were overly showy pieces of garbage.

  7. Did you get fired because you can't spell "losing"? Because I would fire ya for that.

  8. Congrats. Glad it worked out for you.

  9. It shocks me how many ostensibly "successful" people on this website and elsewhere that can't even spell. Is it that hard to tell the difference between lose and loose or your and you're?

  10. How much money have Wet Leg’s label shoveled out to end up on all these year end lists lmao

  11. Their meteoric rise shocks me. Not that they're bad but the fact that so many people seem to hold them in such massive regard is odd. I feel like there's a lot of bands that do what they do but better.

  12. The most consistently overpraised artist since Thomas Kinkade.

  13. I feel like a portion of society is in some sort of trance when it comes to her. I do not get it one bit.

  14. I don't, I think Brian is hilarious now. I love pseudo-intellectual douche Brian.

  15. I'm gonna name my main character "Norm Hull" because he's just a normal guy. But that one's not for the readers that one's for the scholars in 100 years.

  16. Man every politician is just blatantly captured at this point huh? What kind of mentality do you need to have as President to not even allow 7 sick days to people you used to claim are "essential workers". It's like they want tk get voted out.

  17. Man, I would love to just sit in the boardroom, just to see how they even come up with policies like this.

  18. I just want to meet these people. I've never knowingly met someone so blatantly greedy and fucked in the head. I'm curious how they operate in real life under this fucked up mentality.

  19. Ha! Establishing shot and he still has smokers skin. I love when he grabs a football and takes a knee

  20. Straight up one of my favourite jokes in the series. I love when they get meta and they play around with episode structure like that.

  21. Rich for LeBron to call people out for picking and choosing which moral stands they want to make. What a duplicitous taint.

  22. Transformers: The Last Knight. I fell asleep during one of the action scenes.

  23. SAME. That was actually the first movie I fell asleep to, that's the fondest memory I have of it

  24. So funny how many people had this experience. I was the same, first movie I can remember falling asleep to and I woke up so shocked, like how was it THAT boring?? I figured even if it's not the best movie in the world it would at least be entertaining but I was so wrong.

  25. Same here, first movie I remember actually falling asleep to. I was shocked at how boring they could make that movie, it seemed a feat in itself.

  26. Harry Potter 1 and 2 are the only movies I like. I feel like after that the movies start to feel less "magical" and more dull and grounded in reality. Sorcerer's Stone is great.

  27. There is bands out there that are only a drummer and a guitarist (singing) do you say they are forced to take a pay cut to hire half a touring band or that they need to fill up their band just so they can tour? I think it's all fine as long as the ones on stage are genuine.

  28. I still think that's kind of lame and would likely not go to that kind of show but that's just me. I prefer the full band thing and I would just not go see a band of half their instruments were just a laptop.

  29. Ypud do you bit I had awesome energetic shows even though the band were just two people and half was prerecorded. They still wrote and recorded their whole music themselves just couldn't play 5 different instruments live at once.

  30. I'd give electro shows a break, I think that's different. But if I'm going to a metal show I woukd really prefer to see a full band. I would find it weird if they were playing all their bass off a laptop.

  31. Is it worse that I was happy the person filming didn’t rush over to help him? He fucking jumped. Yeah, you did that to you, idiot. Feel the pain and don’t do it again.

  32. It was probably his little brother filming lol. Looks like a bunch of kids screwing around.

  33. Wow, I have the complete opposite reaction. I love Erics character arc. It obviously sucks that he’s not there for the final season but I think his character evolves in the realest way of anyone in the cast. When the show starts he has not real responsibilities and you see him grow into an adult that has to deal with the pressures of the real world.

  34. Also Joey from Friends. He starts out as a regular guy, someone less quippy in contrast to Chandler. Then by the end of the show he is some total moron who can't remember simple words.

  35. Nah I don't think it's the right climate for this right now. They'd probably hire some creatively bereft no-namer to showrun it and then we'd get some weird Harry Potter series with a bunch of random stupid elements shoved in to it.

  36. AKA you're just bitter about Wheel Of Time and think Rings Of Power and House Of The Dragon are reboots instead of prequels-based-off-a-skeleton-of-a-story-from-supplemental-material

  37. Nah I've just seen literally any live-action television show based off an already beloved property that's come out in the last 10 years.

  38. I've never had a problem with shared laundry. Worst thing used to be the damn coins, but the last place I rented had a card. What's the problem with shared laundry? (I have fond memories of that laundry room, as it had a great free shelf.)

  39. 75% of tenants leave their clothes in the washer/dryer for literal hours to days and it means I have to root through peoples wet dumpy clothes and throw it out of the wash if I ever want to get my stuff in.

  40. These might be the worst tour dates I've ever seen a major band announce lol. I'm sure the folks in Edmonton Alberta are stoked but this isn't even coming within like 4 hours of me. Wack as fuck.

  41. and one day you'll look back and think.. goddamn, i can't believe i didn't drive 5 hours for my last chance to see metallica live. these guys are getting old.. they're not playing folk songs, they're not going to be doing this for much longer.

  42. Nah I don't think like that. I'm sure I could find another use for the hundreds to thousands this would cost to get to. I could see 10 concerts and stay in my city. I already saw Metallica once, I'm satisfied.

  43. Not like they've ever particularly flown too high themselves. They're big in Japan but that's about it.

  44. This was one of those episodes someone posted on Reddit once as an example of "The Simpsons is still good!!"

  45. I'm sorry but no, I don't watch the Simpsons to see Comic Book Guy get married and have some dorky kid. I quit watching the show specifically because they kept doing these "references for the sake of references" shit that's in this clip and it hasn't changed, they just moved on to tertiary characters because the main ones have been storied to death.

  46. It's a terrible idea what the fuck lol. You bring back everyone after all those years for a Dr. Acula meta film? Nah they could do better. Shane on this garbage website making stupid "articles" about bullshit.

  47. Daddy O Doughnuts in Mississauga, Sunshine Doughnuts in Burlington, and San Remo in Etobicoke.

  48. San Remo honestly is TOO much for me. I can have like half of one of their donuts and I've hit my fill.

  49. Buying from here always makes me feel like I got shit on my face. One of the cashiers at the Bloor location I think is so snooty and rude for no reason and I always wonder what I did wrong lol. Great store otherwise.

  50. Oh boy, I took my books there to see if they'd buy and it was something else...

  51. It's not enough to make me not want to go there but it's definitely annoying trying to buy stuff from a store and the employees look at you like you just ripped a huge fart in their face when you try and cash out lol.

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