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  1. This is from 2 years ago. There’s drama and there’s this. Let’s stay on track. Ledgestone coming up, let’s go Dickerson!

  2. Not gonna happen anytime soon, there isn’t enough money in disc golf for the players to not have to worry about players betting against themselves.

  3. You’d be surprised what the offshore books allow you to bet on. Even Bet365 has some crazy sports.

  4. Yes I understand but the limits are so small to protect themselves on niche sports like this. Sure you can bet on crazy ass shit, but your not going to be able to get down any amount of significant money.

  5. The books would most likely cap it and structure the bets in their favour. Like over/under bets. Having events televised definitely helps a sportsbook enter the scene.

  6. I play both. The biggest differences between the 2 are the communities.

  7. Disgruntled public gardens employee or someone that got let go

  8. Can't see it, if they got a job working there they would have more respect for the trees.

  9. Calling it a Pro Tour is where the illusions start. Vice released a documentary on the tour years ago. It was from that point on I realized most professional leagues are just scraping by.

  10. I'd say it's a pro tour, it's where the professionals play.

  11. Sure, but in this day in age hearing the word "pro" could set the wildest imagination for viewers. I am in no way discrediting the pros on tour. They are pro disc golfers 100%

  12. Fewer people whining about how city ABC does things better.

  13. When this guy is up you have enough time to go get a beer.

  14. That’s what happens when you don’t clean your beer lines for 18 years.

  15. My dumbass was zooming in on the disc and ground trying to find a snake...

  16. For a little more, yeah. It’s not too much hassle but I’d have to look into costs.

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