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  1. Of course people only complain on Reddit, people don't post "my phone screen is still intact", "my phone is working"

  2. Should get the bundles deal, I paid $276 for z flip 4 256 gb, buds pro 2, Galaxy watch 5 44 mm, with other cases and stuff.

  3. You just reminded me of my boot loop nightmare. Still traumatized till this day whenever I use any android phone.

  4. I guess a lot of people are trying to pre-order now...I can't even get to the site.

  5. So the z flip 4 is rumored to last up to 4 more hours compared to Z flip 3. I'll be fine with 6-7 hrs SOT since Android can never compare to iOS about battery.

  6. Battery optimization, iOS never really had true multitasking, while Android always has services running in the background,...etc

  7. You can speak to your kid in German, your wife can speak Russian, your kid will be fluent in at least 2 languages when growing up. My brother is Vietnamese, his wife is Chinese, all their kids can speak 3 languages fluently (Vietnamese, Chinese, and English) and some Spanish learnt from school.

  8. Samsung announcing their fold/flip on Aug 10, Motorola and Xiaomi on Aug 11 ... folding tech is getting hottttt...

  9. It's not really changing. Either needs to get significantly cheaper or offer something other than "this folds, that's cool".

  10. In order for foldable phones to get cheaper, we need more competitions, more innovative techs. I think foldable phones will be mainstream eventually once Apple and Google join the race.

  11. In the end ...Samsung is the only winner 🏆

  12. Anyone who has a Fold3, I have a Note20U and am considering upgrading if trade in deals are good enough, do you think a fold (or even flip for that matter) is a worthy upgrade or should I hold on to my Note20U

  13. If you don't care much about camera, then it's a great device. Think of it as a portable tablet with phone features. I already have tab S8 ultra so i don't need big screen, i'll might get the Flip though since i run outdoor a lot so compact size is the most important for me

  14. What's the point of flip phones like this? I mean the size is about the same as a non flip phone...The only advantage I can think of is that you don't need a tripod for your phone camera.

  15. Compact size when flipped, make up mirror, mini laptop, camera with built in tripod , desk clock (V shape ) , game boy advanced without physical buttons,....quite a lot more.

  16. Yeah ..quite creative too

  17. I wish both you and her the best of luck. I lost my dad, my uncle, my aunt due to cancers (lung,liver,breast) so i understand. Just do the best you can, be supportive, try to enjoy every moment with her.

  18. how is asus software updates(especially security updates). That is the biggest make or break in buying it. I wish Samsung would update Galaxy S10e with flagship specs next year with a good primary camera sensor. But that is unlikely to happen. I am especially happy that there is an option of headphone jack.

  19. Only 2 years of Android updates , no more updates after 2024 unless you root and do custom ROM.

  20. Good luck to other ADCs at world with Ruler !!!

  21. I think it's time for NA to stop import LEC players, just making both regions worse. Either use native talents or/and import LPL/LCK players so those regions can be weakened a lil bit ( I doubt it since their talent pool is way too huge there) .....

  22. Azir is not a dive champion.

  23. Dig botlane is so useless

  24. Only work if the support playing him is Keria.

  25. Lol posting the same post in multiple subs. Karma farmer huh 😂

  26. Barb or Necro since starting sets are WW and rathma .

  27. I didn't realize starting sets has already been announced. What are wizard and DH starting with?

  28. Tal Rasha for Wiz and ..i forgot about DH. But only necro and barb will have the best starting sets ( assuming they don't nerf rathma too much after PTR)

  29. Watching T1 comp with Yasuo Yone Lee Diana was such a joy. Wish teams would do more comps like this .

  30. If you feel like you're running out of time and can't find any girls to date, then try dating guys. Expand the dating pool, problem solved. /s

  31. Not sure if you were around but in the old school OGN game 5 of a Bo5 was blind pick (no bans and u didnt know what the other team picked) - so both teams could potentially play the exact same combo into each other - was really fun

  32. Yeah i remember the game between Faker's Zed vs Ryu's Zed. The outplay by Faker's Zed has become one of LoL historical moments.

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