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  1. love this sub but the amount of stupid question people ask that can be solved with a quick search... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ fr fr

  2. if U do cut, keep them incase U wanna use them as extensions down the road

  3. for me my aesthetic is part of my spirituality and the strengths and energy is multiplied with my locs

  4. shine the cam the other way it's backlit hard to see but they look good from what I can tell πŸ‘

  5. might be late to the party and someone might've said this already but use a towel the same colour as Ur hair

  6. We got a personalized collector plate through MPI.

  7. The program and costs compared to normal plates are explained here:

  8. what do u mean by U cut them? they look good tho πŸ€˜πŸ‘Œ

  9. Swipe and see that other pic, my hair was longer but really uneven so I cut some inches off to even my hair out more then combined them and appreciate it - mat

  10. I have a question lol. How long should I wait before I crotchet the new growth by the root? Obviously not all the way to the root but it's starting to grow out quite a bit

  11. That def makes sense. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  12. Depends. Do you have a wolf blanket as curtains?

  13. my locks shrank almost 5 inches in the first few months, from 18 inches to 13 inches, but nothing wrong with installing a few lil extensions. I'd recommend using real hair tho, synth extensions suck.

  14. When I drive my car on the roads they def have that "haven't changed in decades" feel to em πŸ₯΄

  15. yeah def interlocked U can tell by the texture and the way the roots look

  16. or supposed to be for graff. lol. looks like I found what I was looking for tho.

  17. Its a big sub with a lot of spectators who cant always tell the difference.

  18. that sounds like an invasive issue. have U considered seeing a doctor about this?

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