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  1. My private sector job lets me take a week off and go anywhere I want with no questions asked.

  2. Hey if you think it’s reasonable for your employer to have that much control over your personal life that’s fine. But my personal time is mine and my employer can get fucked if they want to know anything about it.

  3. What control do you think they have? It’s not like I’m itching to go to North Korea, and they don’t give a shit about going places that I’m interested in going.

  4. It’s okay. Biden has a designated survivor.

  5. That doesn’t help unless the Speaker of the House is also killed, and the GOP doesn’t want that at all.

  6. It's loan forgiveness. No one pays the balance due, it's just forgiven.

  7. The government pays the loan holder, they don’t just say “pound sand”

  8. “Just copy and pasting” is doing a lot of work to cover that the account is pointing hateful people towards things with the express purpose of leveraging said hate to reach political goals.

  9. You can only put so much information into a single course. Students take more focused courses based on their interests all the time.

  10. You realize the person I was responding to was arguing that AP US History already covers African Americans, right?

  11. Just kick him in the dick, they are going to call a foul regardless

  12. What’s the ideal path through the primary look like? Best I could see is Trump and DeSantis splitting the MAGA block and Hogan wins with a plurality of “moderate” primary voters, and even that is stretching. Also I’m guessing that Hogan will have to share that space with other “moderates” like Romney.

  13. Trump and Ron can split 85%+ of their base any way they want, Hogan's not beating them with 5% or less.

  14. Hogan’s dream would probably be that he can get 40% and have Trump and DeSantis each with 30%.

  15. Why would a subsidy be needed with a 4 day work week? All of the studies shiw that 4 day work weeks “increase productivity.” So…companies should come out ahead, right?

  16. Because the subsidy eliminates some of the perceived risk, which should help some businesses over the line.

  17. Really? Its probably one of the best paced films ever made. For a three and a half hour movie it goes by incredibly quickly because there's never a dull moment.

  18. The second half is well paced, the first half is very slow

  19. Rather than teaching specific material, teachers should be focusing on teaching students how to research and discern the information they find. A doctor doesn’t know everything, and lawyers don’t have all case law memorized, but they know where to find the information.

  20. To be fair, that sort of learning method only really makes sense for upper schooling. You can’t exactly ask a 8 year old to google how to spell.

  21. Do people not understand that companies would rather reduce their workforce by 20% than pay the same number of people to work four days a week.

  22. The point of the pilot program is to create space for data to be collected to start evaluating what a 4 day work weeks looks like for employees and employers.

  23. Remember when conservatives praised these changes because “they only apply to elementary school kids that are too young to learn about race and sexuality.” I don’t hear any of those people calling out that things have changed.

  24. I saw someone in the conservative sub pushing the idea that it’s not appropriate to talk about gender at public high schools. Because apparently teenagers shouldn’t learn things at all

  25. Actually there are sound economic reasons for proposing a sales tax, which is why most of Europe uses this method to pay for government.

  26. Name the European country that funds their government with a national sales tax

  27. I saw a thread by the wonderful SECPIX on Twitter about Nico’s weight. First of all, that account is filled with clown takes. However, I think I would have to agree Nico is a little thin for his height. Do we think the coaching staff will have him on a diet/workout program to gain weight before the season starts? Obviously he will get stronger being in college athletics in general but just curious.

  28. I don’t worry about weight for guys on campus, that’s an easy problem to solve when u have all the resources u could need to get a guy bigger

  29. Same, I have one set day in the office, and it's mostly for socializing. Several meetings and casual check-ins with my team and I'm out the door by 3. Some of them are in the office daily by choice, so there's a lot of variation between individuals. Luckily, we're finding the right rhythm organically as people tend to coordinate days in the office together as they need them. We do mandate new hires in the office for the first six months based on absolutely terrible results trying to onboard people remotely, but there are actually managers and other support staff there with them. Once they're good and we've established some trust, they can figure out their own schedule. So far, so good...

  30. The problem with that is that by requiring in person time you are blocking off one of the biggest remote work benefits companies have, being able to recruit from a giant hiring pool.

  31. From 2017 to 2019 there was a service called MoviePass that was only $10/month but literally allowed you to go see an unlimited amount of movies in basically any theater for free. It was amazing. I had it for about a year in college and saw like a hundred movies in that time. Unsurprisingly, they soon imploded and went bankrupt, but it was great while it lasted.

  32. My favorite thing about MoviePass was all of my older coworkers being confused when I explained it and saying “that’ll never last” before refusing to consider to sign up.

  33. Yeah, I'm just joking. I don't know anyone who actively seeks out American first, but will begrudgingly book when it's cheaper/convenient.

  34. We go with American because my wife’s dad used to be in the “fly every week for work” profession and so he has permanent status with American and could gift us a status bump from day 1.

  35. By the very existance of ChatGPT, it has made the traditional essay completely obsolete. You would be better off just having the student be questioned on the topic so they at least have some knowledgeable understanding of the subject they are working on rather than something they can easily cheat so they pass. Unless the paperwork has to be a part of their portfolio for recordkeeping reasons, i dont see why this trend to continue an outdated system should continue to exist.

  36. You realize people in many professions write a lot for work every day. Finding sources, weaving them into your writing, making compelling and supported points, and many other things are taught and evaluated via formal writings.

  37. They had two years where they could have done this without needing a single Republican vote. This is nothing more than a sideshow that will never pass.

  38. They didn’t even have 50 votes for this in 2021. Manchin wouldn’t have supported it anyway

  39. I’m not sure in the FB group so I’ve missed all this entirely. I did leave the group years ago because it just had a shitty atmosphere.

  40. OA 675 is the OGL episode, so Friday’s show (for non-patreons at least). OGL is Open Gaming License, and is the license written by Wizards of the Coast who are the Dungeons and Dragons company.

  41. History has examples of many types of discrimination for group identities we don’t deem needing protection. It wasn’t long ago the government and major industries were conducting a communist witch hunt but I don’t see many calls for adding political ideology to the list.

  42. Political affiliation is protected, at least to some degree, so try again

  43. Most Americans are not protected from political discrimination. Federally and in most states a private employer could legally fire someone for being a Democrat or expressing any other political belief.

  44. I said to some degree, but you aren’t actually interested in reading or engaging.

  45. Most Patreons have bonus content that’s only for subscribers-including OA!! I didn’t understand why they glossed over that.

  46. Andrew hinted but didn’t explicitly say it, but it seems that OGL 1.0 would only have issues if their was D&D content that was exclusively behind the paywall. So if you could only listen to a specific campaign on paid for Patreon that would be an issue, but putting auxiliary content like Q&As isn’t a problem.

  47. You probably have to more than just “talk about D&D” to flip that switch. Like, I don’t think this comment chain would be an issue if we put it behind a paywall.

  48. But that argument still didn't work for Trump, did it?

  49. What point do you think I’m making? You started by saying Biden couldn’t say he declassified because he wasn’t president, and I pointed out that wasn’t a problem.

  50. If he says, "I declassified while vice president because Obama gave me the power" and there's no proof, that still wouldn't work would it? Since the same argument didn't work for Trump claiming he declassified while president with no proof?

  51. You realize people aren’t saying that it’s a good strategy, it’s being glib

  52. I've been a vol fan my entire life (not a short period of time) and I've never heard of this "tradition." I wouldn't have done pushups either. The bloody thing is on the ground. Of course they're gonna step on it.

  53. Punishments for stepping on a team logo on the floor are fairly common in locker rooms, and there’s even a video of Nico doing push-ups on his first day with the team.

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