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[FRESH ALBUM] Drake - Honestly, Nevermind

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  1. It’s because you put the towel on the right lane keyboard instead of the left, duh

  2. I never noticed this, good catch!! I'm usually not superstitious but...

  3. Dude probably has a problem with fingerless bowling

  4. Haha oh. I use fingers though! Just two hands 😂

  5. To me it tastes like orange peel, with a hint of warm sweetness (think clove, cinnamon, etc), and a very astringent bitter finish. The bitterness is really the only hump you have to overcome, if any

  6. Forgot to fill the ice tray, just wanted something quick after work!

  7. Paraphrasing but: Windows Search > "Bluetooth" > Pair Devices

  8. Congrats!! Such a good feeling, what'd you shoot??

  9. Even y'all pretending to like this album can't fool yourselves once Falling Back comes on. Contender for worst Drake song of all time.

  10. Set the tone bro 😂😂 I skipped around after and yeah not feeling great

  11. They will still let you start, mine changed to “permitted to start, background check pending” or something similar. It did end up coming back in time but it changed from pending to permitted to start with pending BC.

  12. Just be aware that NHL scoring declines 7% on average in the playoffs. It's been 8 years since we had a season where scoring rose in the playoffs. So far the refs have been calling the playoff games much tighter and increasing PP time, which is why scoring is up.

  13. Oh for sure, and thanks for the stat. I think as playoffs go on scoring will decrease obviously due to lowered skill gaps between teams round after round (in theory). But in the reg season and this 1st round so far, the over has been getting lit up.

  14. I seriously think NHL overs are the most exploitable bet on the book right now. It's becoming a higher scoring sport, and books are barely adjusting. O5.5 is borderline free money, and even 6.5 is becoming light. 3/4 hit last night, 3/4 the night before. Crazy.

  15. Would this be classified as a "Gin Buck?" Sounds delicious!

  16. H2H this bet has lost both times they played this season, just a heads up...

  17. SBMM also appears to be locked to the party leader's account. Try making the most casual player party leader.

  18. Is this true? I'm in the same boat as OP where I'm mostly playing pubs now as an above average player, but my friends I play with get mopped by the players we match up with.

  19. You can test it yourself with a brand new account. New accounts are always put into "bot default" lobbies at first. You don't fight real players. Try giving a new account party leader in squads - you'll end up in a bot lobby even if the other 3 players have high SBMM ratings.

  20. That's pretty cool actually. But I'm wondering if I just promote one of my worse friends to leader, does that have the same effect?

  21. Hot take: The best Negroni is a Mezcal Negroni

  22. But a Mezcal Negroni is not a Negroni. It's a Negroni riff. Mezcal is fantastic, but it breaks my quest for the perfect Negroni specs.

  23. Oh sorry! I figured that would fall under a "hot Negroni take" haha.

  24. Yeah I always make the syrup first and then infuse or add ingredients afterwards.

  25. Interesting. Usually I do it all at once in a pot, steep for a while, and then let the syrup come to room temp over night to infuse even further. But if it works it works!

  26. Looks great, but why in a pan? I would worry about over-reducing quickly. Did you first make a simple syrup, and then decided to infuse with hibiscus after?

  27. And then mezcal Negronis are even better !

  28. Parlayed the last 2 for shits and gigs, last 40 seconds of the ISU game made me wanna puke. When they called back that 3 I knew it would come back to bite.

  29. FWIW, people are saying green is used more often, but in the PDT app yellow edges out green by 3 recipes (17 to 14). I have green but need to pick up yellow because a lot of mezcal cocktails call for it.

  30. Pearl of Puebla looks amazing. Thank you, Mezcal has been my spirit of choice as of recent (love me a mezcal Negroni) but I love chartreuse as well, and wanted to see something beyond a Naked & Famous for yellow.

  31. Boulevardier is overrated and nowhere near as good as a Negroni or Manhattan

  32. Agree, and on top of that I think it's one of the worst "better-known" Negroni variants. I'll throw a hot take into my comment too: Mezcal Negroni > all Negroni variants INCLUDING the original.

  33. Easily two of my favorite spirits hahaha. It's funny how tastes differ so much. I've always had a taste for strong flavors (black coffee, Campari, pleated whiskies) so Mezcal and Chartreuse fit the bill. Though, the sweeter ingredients tend to give me a less enjoyable experience (velvet falernum, aperol, etc)

  34. To me it tastes of sugar and cloves, with sugar dominating it in an almost candy-like way. I recently had it in a chartreuse swizzle (which you should absolutely NOT try haha) and it was overwhelmingly sweet, to the point where I just could not finish it. It totally muted the minty-herbaceous notes I like about chartreuse, and just accentuated the medicinal cough syrup candy flavors. Not my cup of tea lol

  35. Just made one of these, charred the cinnamon stick for garnish. Oh man, what a great drink. Cheers!

  36. Gonna make this tonight, sounds delicious. Is this the actual name?

  37. Yes it is, tiki drinks are something special lol

  38. Update: just made one and wow that is good. Orgeat and pineapple are such a good combo.

  39. Love the sour template - honey-cinnamon syrup sounds interesting and enough to stand up to the mezcal. I’d be curious to incorporate a chili pepper component, without the heat, as I don’t much care for spicy cocktails. Maybe a chili tincture or bitters on top.

  40. If you go back to my "recipe critique" post, a fellow redditor said they were going to try something similar with hot honey, which I think sounds fantastic. But, hot honey does have a little spice to it, not sure if that's what you're looking for

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