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Megathread: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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  1. I just thought it was funny but I’m being downvoted 😭😭😭 I get downvoted for anything and everything bro

  2. oh hey I ain't downvoting ya! for the purpose of being funny, it is funny

  3. So Biden's policies and actions were not the primary causal factor in the price of gas today? get real dude.

  4. Reading first few words of post, I thought I was going to learn something new, but all I see is insults

  5. Here is my suggestion to you, good sir. And I mean this emphatically that a) I call you a good sir (or ma'am, I do not discriminate) and b) that if this is what constitutes an insult?

  6. Don't insinuate a good time with me, because it'll just get me excited about a possibility of a future where people stop believing in absolute fucking nonsense, ridiculous events that never could possibly have happened and also believing in a ridiculous slew of inconsistencies as to what "god" may be.

  7. You have a strong understanding of unity, balance and most of the principles of good artwork.

  8. You should, but I'm not one to tell others what to do. By all means congregate together with racist/sexist/homophobic views, but all that anyone who actually matters asks is:

  9. For me personally, the best song is Asthenia, but I can legit see why it's feasible the 2 most popular tracks surrounding blink 182 (lower case b) are Feelin This and Going Away to College.

  10. I'm not anti abortion. That said, some states have already considered banning contraception in general. This won't likely end simply at abortion

  11. yes, but what about the question at hand? I'm with you btw, I am fiercely NOT anti-abortion but I do see writing on the walls.

  12. absolutely 0 people of this surge in changing plans for abortion should be coming from Republicans.

  13. Fuck it I'm a good lookin person, go ahead. I promise most won't care, but if that were to make someone feel they "got one up on me" they'd be incorrect and severely underestimating things lol

  14. If she was "misled" to such an egregious degree.....then her supporters are even dumber than that.

  15. hah! there ya go. Honesty right here. Also, efficiency at that!

  16. Nope, done. I axed my sub last year, not going back. Don't care to, have no interest in it anymore and there's nothing they are doing to successfully tempt me in continuing not just paying for their service, but just using their service at all in the first place.

  17. It's all bad-faith lying. Even responses to your comment that are defending that nonsense: are all lies. Made with intent before the conversation even started. The best idea is literally ignore them and never responding to them.

  18. Anyone who agrees with anything Thomas wants is too far gone and their opinion?

  19. The same people who wanted Roe ended also don't give 2 flying shits about what happens to a baby after it's born.

  20. If the answer is not yes, then they are a hypocritical nut bag. Because, given what they decided with Roe, they can't just argue that they get special treatment because it's them.

  21. Gotta love how clarence never brought up the Love case ;P What a useless piece of a shit Thomas is. Afterall if he were to vote in favor of turning back Love, (gasp!) that might just mean he "would have to deal with something he didn't like".

  22. “The Republicans don’t have a voice. They don’t even have anything to say.”

  23. Clarence Thomas is the real world version of Uncle Ruckus

  24. Yet Thomas mentions nothing about interracial marriage. OH WAIT that's because!!!

  25. Vermont shielded this for us at the state level almost 3 years ago. Hell, it was even shielded by our Republican Governor who wasted no time and actually championed the right to this freedom. I don't vote red ever (except the one sole exception being our governor you can see he goes with the will of the people which is why weed is legal here and so is abortion), but I'm pretty proud of my state for consistently doing the right thing.

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