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  1. Truly depends where you are, even North Wales varies. I'm from Flintshire and I haven't heard it spoken here in many many years, but when I went to Anglesey I heard more Welsh than English

  2. In West Flintshire I am surprised how many speak Welsh in the community. It is a relatively hidden language and not used in the community eg shops but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a surprising number of speakers

  3. Actually now you say that I had someone in my sixth form who could only speak Welsh when she started, and I dont think she was from very far away from me

  4. This is one of the most disgusting things I've seen online. Its so fucking depressing

  5. It's horrible. I follow this sub to see cute hamsters because I can't get one currently (not enough space to correctly house one) but it's so much of people asking if their care is okay, then getting mad and defensive when people say it isn't

  6. Crazy your getting downvoted for what is quite obviously a joke

  7. Well done for rescuing him, so many people just dump rabbits when they're bored of them its sickening

  8. I'd love a version of tortimers island, minigames and the ability to meet new friends. That was the most fun part of new leaf for me

  9. Generally fine in most places, but like pretty much anywhere if you're in a rough area late at night it may not feel very safe

  10. I've just got an obscene amount of Aldi baby yarn

  11. There has recently been a new mod for Minecraft Java which adds the wither storm, the mod is very well made and has multiple mechanics from Story Mode(such as formidibomb and the command block battle) but if you're on bedrock then you're out of luck

  12. I saw a video on that the other day, I couldn't remember where I recognised it from until this post lol

  13. Say thank you a lot. When getting off the bus, at restaurants, shops, if someone opens a door

  14. I actually love bluey, my sister is 5 and I try to aim her towards putting that on when I'm with her

  15. Cigarettes must be the most littered thing, most people dont even seem to think that it's littering

  16. Go online or to pet store and purchase gel cooling mats or if you have a car Put them in their carriers and sit with them in the car with a/c on.

  17. I dont know what kind of amazing ac your car has but my car is a death trap in this heat

  18. I dont know what kind of amazing ac your car has but my cat is a death trap in this heat

  19. What do people usually do when they're at home? Ive always been a gamer and recently picked up crochet, but what else do people even do when they're at home? Sounds pretty boring to me

  20. Sometimes I design a house with a buyer in mind but it doesn't always end up being them that buys it anyway, so its more just for inspiration than anything

  21. I'm autistic, mostly fine with reading the patterns but I do like to rewrite them sometimes if they don't write it the way I've become used to, that might just be a me thing rather than specifically an autistic thing though idk

  22. If loads of men started wearing them then it would become more socially acceptable, be the change you want to see

  23. Delivery guy here. We sometimes have hundreds of parcels to deliver every day and mistakes are bound to happen.

  24. My doorstep is directly onto the road, in a not great neighbourhood. I get that it's busy but there's no excuse for dumping people's parcels on the road in plain view

  25. Thats quite ablist. Scar is disabled and has a wheelchair - that shouldnt be seen as a bad thing and I doubt he sees it as such

  26. My mum told me to drink some pop we were going to buy when I was a kid complaining I was thirsty, but I never did because I'm a notorious rule follower

  27. Once I unlocked the catalogue all my poki went to that

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