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  1. Okay but my boyfriend loves alpacas and wants one if we ever have the space 👀

  2. I always sit on the 'aisle' seat until I notice the bus is completely full

  3. When I first got my stitch markers I questioned why there were so many, I'll never use that many at once

  4. Assuming everyone has Discord on where they'll see pings. I could see Mumbo having notifications off while he's doing his biking, and TFC not having Discord open unless he needs it. (For examples based solely on public persona.)

  5. Surely they have ways of direct contact too, discord PMs, even twitter PMs

  6. Would they take dare stick stuff to twitter? Not all viewers have access or go on twitter so doesnt really make sense for them to do that

  7. I really like the new houses it's added, I didn't really enjoy the hgtv stuff but I like the similar approach with pets I feel like its been done better

  8. My work kind of has this already. For every 5 years tenure employees get a 4 week paid sabbatical which is normally taken with regular holidays on either side to extend it. People plan way in advance and save up for it to make the most of it. Someone in my team who is from the US is travelling around places in the Med just now and I've heard of a few people going to SE Asia for extended periods of time to scuba dive and surf.

  9. My work has this same thing for the salaried managers

  10. I'm actually off for 4 weeks right now because of a refurb at work

  11. I think this goes against the tweaked-vanilla essence of the Hermitcraft server. Abusing player heads in order to get custom blocks not in the game results in builds that can't be replicated in vanilla.

  12. The hermits clearly dont think it does. They've been using custom pumkins a lot this season and Cleo's done the head thing for her stone statues of the hermits

  13. I don't play minecraft but does your head block change when your skin changes?

  14. Cleo did it aswell for the stone figures of the other hermits, it stays as it was when dropped

  15. I'd say in the ac universe its fine to just be naked, but they wear clothes for fashion

  16. I wish I could find the link as this discussion was around a few weeks ago,but the general consensus was flushable wipes were not in fact, that flushable.

  17. So should I be like putting them in the bin? They're toilet wipes idk it feels weird to put them in the bin

  18. Bin yes, never under any circumstances put down your toilet it will eventually block up, if it doesn’t already

  19. While I may now start binning them anyway, I have been flushing these same wipes for many many years with no issues, so maybe the ones I have are okay

  20. It’s amazing how some people categorise vaping different to smoking , often see people try and vape in bars and other establishments only to be told they can’t but they don’t ever seem to get why

  21. I saw someone vape in A&E - nobody even said anything either

  22. I am off work for 4 weeks because the store is having a remodel

  23. I'm sure everything you do in life is purely for survival, including scrolling through reddit

  24. I’m just wondering why he’s spending the whole morning tweeting while his wife is busting her ass cleaning?

  25. Maybe he does different chores, I know personally I'd hate my boyfriend cleaning at the same time as me

  26. I’m trying to tell myself the baby came straight out of the womb and emphatically chose to go barefoot. That’s why the shoes weren’t worn. Parents were hippies, that’s all

  27. Or parents got gifted way too many shoes for their baby and they grew before they could wesr them all? Pretty sure that happened with my baby sister

  28. I feel like its more effort than its worth. We grow potatoes and have tried to grow other veg, so much effort

  29. Bells are actually a 1-1 conversion to American cents, based on the price of the irl vs in-game switch! So the hats are actually 18 USD, while the crown is $144.

  30. Makes way more sense for it to be based on yen, its a japanese game

  31. Thats probably confirmation bias, theyre both pretty close anyway $1 is around 135 yen

  32. I get that sometimes when my tensions too tight, it is horrible

  33. We put them next to the sink, unless theyre especially dirty then might leave some to soak in the sink

  34. Go to pound bakery, I love both but PB are so much better

  35. I felt like I wanted a hamster a few months ago, I had one as a kid

  36. Id count that as a text honestly. May not be sms but it is a text

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