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  1. So yeah, looking back at it again, Nemechek sent him for sure. If Creed can get back to the 20 (which I think he will) I don't see it ending well for the 20.

  2. And last year too. Gibbs punted him and then he got wrecked by Buford.

  3. is there a yellow because of non-comp pit stops?

  4. No, he hasn’t ran every race. Bilicki and Alfredo have gotten some races in the 78.

  5. I know Joy has called Chastain “Ross The Boss” a few times.

  6. Surprised no one has said Hemric. Dude won the Xfinity championship in 2021 and hasn’t been to Victory Lane since.

  7. Tough break for Heim. But, cool to see Breidinger get another opportunity.

  8. At Charlotte he was running top 10 while Chastain was struggling back in the 20s, but Busch spun in front of him and he got a bunch of damage. That was just shit luck. It feels like generally his season has been a combination of bad luck and dumb mistakes

  9. Trackhouse doesn’t seem to have the speed this year that they had last year. He’s also had some bad luck with crashes pit stops.

  10. Rick Hendrick must've asked Chevrolet to cut back the support, lol

  11. I was thinking of getting one too, but it was like $15 shipping. No thanks.

  12. Dumb question but is JGR having sponsorship problems? becuse this is the second time a sponsor backed out.

  13. I’m gonna go on a limb here and say finding sponsors aren’t the problem for JGR. It’s the price that JGR is asking these companies to fund the team full-time.

  14. I forget who exactly it was but there was someone here posting who has a bit of inside knowledge who said during the middle of the Kyle Busch saga last year that JGR is kind of difficult to work with.

  15. I was wrong. I will admit defeat. Due to lack if evidence (Keselowski onboard) I am forced to concede that Brad Keselowski did not turn Chase. The dipshit in the 11 still caused everything though, Chase was right to door him. Both drivers committed Actions Detrimental to the sport of stock car racing.

  16. And you’re opinion on what happened are detrimental to this subreddit.

  17. 2nd best race of the year, only behind Kansas

  18. I concur. Even though we had to wait like a hundred years for the 600.

  19. Chastain in 24th and Suárez in 9th. Great run for Daniel, but what in the world is going on with Ross?

  20. Knight also tweeted the booth for the Xfinity race will be Adam Alexander, Jamie Mac and Michael Waltrip

  21. I like Michael Waltrip, hopefully they have him call a Cup Series race soon.

  22. He was in the booth for one of the stages last year at Gateway

  23. Not yet. I did reach out to them and they said shipping is delayed, due to Memorial Day. I would think they would get shipped this coming week sometime.

  24. If you’re gonna post something like this, at least have a source to that information, OP.

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