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  1. Right in that case my advice is not appropriate for you. All party drugs wear off quite fast, there probably isn’t an alternative to mdma that’s both cost affective and both appropriate to consume in a crowd. Have a banana before bed and an electrolyte drink to restore the sodium and potassium that will leave your body from sweat. That will ease the mdma come down

  2. 6-APB, unsure about crowd-worthiness, but it's a 12 hour candyflip.

  3. Me and my two friends have never done molly before

  4. You should really wait a few more years to take molly, but you do you.

  5. i guess try to hit some bars in college towns with a STEM background

  6. I tried that. They just slither off after drinking the beer.

  7. Of course! I guess they evolved to hold their liquor better. That particular year, they were unusually large. I think I could have rolled a keg out the back door at sundown and just told them to keep the noise down so that the neighbours didn't complain.

  8. Very strange. They absorb the alcohol through their skin, so maybe if it was enough of them and they were large enough... I suppose you could fortify with a little spirit? I've never known them to come back from their eternal bender pie-pan of old Pabst.

  9. You might look for Denizen, which makes several great rums for cocktails. Their white is close to Probitas.

  10. Beer in a pie tin, they crawl in and drown. One on each side of your strawberry patch should do it.

  11. Yeah, although the scarcity can be a bit of a blessing in disguise as it make it more special when I can get some.

  12. It was lovely stuff, I used to add a little bit to my cocaine, great combo.

  13. My first edition had unlimited free internet access with an amazing battery. Mind blowing for my generation

  14. It is pretty easy to sideload Linux on many e-readers. You'll still need to tether mobile data, but can be pretty useful if you don't want to bring a laptop.

  15. You also have to remember dogs are the masters of eating shit they shouldn't be eating, puking it up and being fine lol

  16. Can confirm, they are built to evacuate in an emergency. The walls of a certain hallway can attest.

  17. Cloud is supposed to have near God like power. His battle at the end is supposed to represent fighting the entire world's life force being used by sephiroth.

  18. I was thinking doom guy until I went back to playing FF7, not even doom guy is going to stand against KotR or 777 Fever.

  19. In all fairness to her, she has a PhD in school counseling nd has worked for Appling County schools for years. I'm not sure the exact name of that degree but that's basically what it is. She's an absolute nutbag that scares the hell outta me but she isn't dumb.

  20. At their best. Most of them are just samey swill cash grabs.

  21. I always take it for like 2 days after rolling and I never get a blues. I don’t do 3 day benders tho

  22. 5htp is a precursor. Taking it before and after a roll helps make sure your feel-goods are topped off before hand and get refilled ASAP. I take Molly or MDA six to ten times a year and this has been very helpful for me personally.

  23. How can you tell the supplement itself has actually helped and its not the placebo effect?

  24. I suppose by repeated biopsy, but that would put a damper on the fun.

  25. That’s why a lot of circuits include an idiot diode. If you reverse the polarity they just won’t work, not blow up

  26. Plain old Dawn works well for me. Fill the bottle 3/4, then add a squirt of soap and gently swish it around.

  27. I add tobacco juice - cheap chewing tobacco left in a jar of water somewhere warm. Nicotine kills a lot of stuff the soap won't.

  28. Where is he indicating he took responsibility? Reddit savant trophy

  29. Someone I know was in a similar situation. He worked at a restaurant, and got a message that pay would be delayed for a few days while they worked out a "bank issue." He called all the other employees and they had all individually gotten a similar message. So he called them all again and said "don't show up tonight." My friend was the only one who showed up when the shift started, and said that unless they were all paid immediately they wouldn't be working. Suddenly the owner found some money and called all the employees and said cash would be waiting for them when they got in. Funny how that works.

  30. Same, once. We weren't warned in advance. I'll never forget the owner sweating, eight looming service industry wonks staring at him, waiting for a call from FedEx.

  31. I keep my DivineTribe, battery, few slicks, bubbler, spare parts, spare battery, cleaning supplies in a hard case slightly larger than a paperback. It even locks, so I don't have to worry about friends with kids and stuff. All in was about $150 including the case, portable dab tool, case for q-tips. It also works great.

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