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  1. Women don't actually initiate divorce at that rate. They file the paperwork.

  2. YTA- you planned to have child at 19 years old when you weren't in a stable relationship or financial state then put her in foster care because you didn't think things through.

  3. NTA- you were the legit wife and he had this child out of an affair, not a stepkid you consented to.

  4. Dude, no. It's a blood draw, and it's covered by insurance as preventative.

  5. To be honest, just the ability to suck dick, and then also make a career out if it no question.

  6. Still not the same. As a man your clientele is only a percentage of homosexual or bisexual men who lean towards male partners.

  7. Just put in wig. You don't even have to do a fake voice since your mouth will be busy

  8. I ask this because it seems to me that "modern feminism " is just a conservative/redpill code word for "bad thing I saw a woman do".

  9. From context, OP wants to marry the same guys she had casual sex with until she turned 22 and suddenly decided to get serious, but those kind of guys aren't going to marry her. People in her life are encouraging her to date older men but she doesn't want to accept the implication about her own level of attractiveness.

  10. Sex is not a trade for commitment. Yet you're complaining about "hookup culture". So what's the problem here, have sex and don't expect commitment (since you say it's not a trade) or nothing at all. Men have a much different biological imperative to women - to spread seed. Literally on a biological level. The reality is men want sex. So if you want commitment over sex, you'll have to HOLD OUT on sex before commitment. Except women are NOT doing this so men have no incentive to commit, you get it? Men are getting sex from women without commitment. Women are your own worst enemy in the sexual marketplace. Men WILL commit if promiscuous women didn't satisfy their sexual needs so easily. These men who have sexual options, are promiscuous too.. Peas in a pod. That's why the family unit is a thing of the past.

  11. If women have to "incentivize" men into relationships by withholding sex then he never wanted a relationship in the first place.

  12. Idk why but this reminded me of this Netflix anime called "Romance Killer" where a wizard tries to get people to love each other to fight the declining birth rate in Japan. I immediately thought, why is this the central theme of an anime? I mean, it's kinda funny to watch but it feels weird that the wizard constantly keeps reminding about the "declining birth rate" in almost every episode

  13. There's another anime where the government assigns teenagers a romantic partner when they turn 16. They even have a seminar on sex and give them a hotel room with instructions to fuck or face penalties.

  14. YTA- how are you telling her to choose better when you didn't even choose your own husband?

  15. Have a clearly defined schedule especially for rain. You would know that every month on the 17th it will rain and can plan accordingly

  16. Thanks so much. I really plan to make this a group that actually meets in person. So please invite your friends to our events and this sub. Stay engaged!

  17. Love it! I’ll do my best. Technically, I live in Celina, but Frisco is about as north as it gets for online engagement for 20 something’s 😂

  18. Lol. Yea. I need to write somewhere that you technically don't have to live just in frisco. Really just anywhere north of Dallas.

  19. Everyone in their 20’s here are stuck up. So it’s not easy to make friends.

  20. Just pay for your portion. Even if his card declined, you can ask for separate bills, pay yours, and the restrictions can deal with his.

  21. Yes, all these rich celebrities are totally fine and emotionally healthy /s

  22. Technically, killing yourself has the biggest effect but I don't recommend.

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