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  1. people on social media have been driving me crazy with all of this! if i don’t hear about it my phobia isn’t as bad but now that’s all i see/hear from people and it freaks me out! i constantly wash my hands and use sanitizer when i can’t wash

  2. It has dissociative and anti-anxiety effects that’ll make you feel relaxed. I’m sure you’ll be taking a low dose, so there is nothing at all to worry about and you won’t be in any danger. I find that the day after I feel amazing, zero anxiety, and like I’m reborn. Really helps you build a foundation for improving your mental well-being. I hope you get to experience that too. Note: I am not advocating recreational use.

  3. when i’m already anxious and then i smoke weed or drink alcohol and i start to feel the effect it has on my body it freaks me out feeling different and that leads to a panic attack so i’m afraid of that happening with ketamine. also i’m afraid if it will make me nauseous or not because i have a huge fear of throwing up. i know mostly likely none of that will happen to me and i would be with my therapist who i love so i would be okay but i’m still terrified haha

  4. This is a bit of a grey area. The main concern would be around confidentiality; what does the therapist say if someone asks them how they know you?

  5. maybe i will ask if i see her some time before then. confidentiality isn’t an issue for me because everyone knows i have a therapist and i talk about her all the time and would be happy to introduce her to everyone. she already met some of my friends. but yes i will have this conversation if i see her and see if we are both comfortable with it/ if she’s even available 😊

  6. Both my girls have super sensitive skin. It looks like this when it flares up.

  7. Both my girls have this, it's like seasonal allergies.

  8. Im dealing with the same situation now… how do you feel? Did it work finally and how many weeks needed for you to get relief??

  9. I still struggle sometimes but it’s significantly better than what it was! Probably about 3 or 4 months it took

  10. Peppermints, my bed, and the t shirt I wore when my therapist hugged me 😂

  11. My therapist will always respond with it was good, thank you! And then we continue to talk about me. She does share things about her life once in a while if it relates to our discussion and we share music with each other sometimes 😊

  12. Peppermint lifesavers! Keeps my mouth busy and the strong flavor helps when I feel n*

  13. I have pretty bad anxiety and I take delta 8 gummies sometimes when I’m really worked up to sleep. I have friends with anxiety that do as well. One friend said the high was more intense for her than weed, which is interesting. Another one of my friends had a panic attack last time we had gummies. I have had positive experiences, but i think it’s more because I only take like 15 mg. One time I had 50 and I could feel the verge of a panic attack. So I’d recommend as long as you know your limits! Start small and work your way up! It’s really easy to control dosage w the gummies too! Good luck! Lmk if you have any more questions

  14. Thanks! Sometimes when I get high it can induce a panic attack so I do have to be careful. Ideally I would like to find something that would help during a panic attack/anxiety so I feel like vaping something would be faster results rather than waiting for an edible to kick in

  15. it gave me exhaustive depression. i’m on lexapro and remeron now bc of it.

  16. idk man. id rather feel anything else than the absolute depression i felt. i wasn’t even sad. just saw no point in living. i was too tired to do anything besides lay down and close my eyes. i couldn’t even sleep. id stick to dremamine and promethazine before something so strong but it can be helpful. it’s a dangerous safety blanket though

  17. Damn I understand that. Did you take the metoclopramide daily? I was prescribed it for when I have a panic attack because I get extreme nausea. But since I’m back on lexapro my panic attacks are more under control so I haven’t taken it yet

  18. I heard that if you reheat it just make sure it’s hot to the point where you see steam 🤷🏼‍♀️

  19. This will probably take some time.

  20. Hydroxyzine is a great as needed anti anxiety med that also helps with nausea. I suggest asking your dr about it! It relaxes your whole body and makes you really sleepy too

  21. I don’t want something that makes me drowsy because my body fights it and I get heart palpitations haha but thanks!

  22. Zofran is great for nausea, rx only. But if it’s from anxiety and panic, you should speak to your Dr. about anxiety meds. I take kolonopin.

  23. I just came off all of my anxiety meds and I’m doing great but occasionally I will have an anxiety attack so I would like something that is just occasional that I can take 😊

  24. Have you ever looked into lichen sclerosis? Common around the vulva and anal areas, itchy, and can cause white-ish pigmentation. Steroid creams are usually prescribed for use in moderation.

  25. Yes I was biopsied last year for it and it was negative

  26. Honestly this is a very interesting situation. 1 thing id recommended now is considering to seek a derm or to contact your doctor over the gyneo. I learned that the gyneo doesn’t usually have all the answers compared to others in the field

  27. I’ve been to the derm multiple times. She said it was just vitiligo and that sometimes it can be itchy?? Then last year I asked her to biopsy it for lichen and it was negative

  28. I’m 27 and I’ve felt this way since I was a kid! I don’t want to experience morning sickness and I would be scared to be around my child if they are sick. But I love kids so it’s really hard

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